Konami’s New Facial Recognition Technology Could Replace Casino Reward Cards

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Konami, famed casino and video game software developer has created a new facial recognition technology that could soon be used to replace casino reward cards. The software requires that players share an image of themselves with the casino. Then, through the use of a camera, gamblers are identified as they play games on the casino floor, earning loyalty points in the process. Konami has suggested that the new system will help ensure that players experience smoother gameplay and are easily rewarded for their time spent gambling. It has also been proposed that the new technology will help improve casino security. Using this facial recognition, it will make it easier for casinos to identify players who are engaging in suspicious activities.

Konami is not the only developer looking at using facial recognition tech0nology to improve the casino gaming experience at casino around the world. Casinos such as Novibet and Casumo already use such technology to identify the age of their players (after all, anyone can lie on an online form.)



Konami’s New Technology Under Legal Threat

Not everyone is excited about the idea of being identified by facial recognition technology while gambling at their favorite casinos. Lawsuits have already been filed in Illinois by two players against the/ a casino. They felt that the casino had gathered information from them without informing them with a written policy. The casino is required to inform players as per the Biometric Information Privacy Act used in the state. The casinos – Harrah’s Casino and Hollywood Casino – make use of facial recognition technology in order to identify players who have been caught cheating before. The technology scans player facial features and compares them to a database.

Casinos aren’t the first organizations to make use of facial recognition technology, and arguments against the use thereof aren’t all that new. It remains a matter of time before such technology becomes more widespread and the laws surrounding the use more clearly defined. If you would like to find out more on this story and more casino gaming-related news items, make sure to keep it here at BestUSACasinoSites.com.