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Live Baccarat Squeeze in 2022

live baccarat squeezeLive Baccarat Squeeze is a real-time gambling table that simulates the thrill of card squeezing. The dealer will gently disclose the card’s edges, giving you a preview of the card that will be drawn. The live baccarat variation keeps the action moving while maintaining maximum intrigue and authenticity. The dealer will swiftly disclose cards for the hand with the lowest total wager and squeeze cards dealt to the hand with the highest total stake. We get a terrific, high-quality feed straight from the software provider’s studio. Unless they’re in the middle of a squeeze, the dealers are nice and casual.

Play Live Baccarat Squeeze Online

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About Live Baccarat Squeeze

The RTP for Live Baccarat Squeeze is 98.94%. It is played using eight decks that are shuffled on a regular basis. There are six bonus bets in the Evolution Gaming version of the game that you can play for a chance to win big. These bigger gains come at the cost of a lower RTP, so finding the ideal wager is a balancing act.


For banker bets, there is a 5% charge for this baccarat table. This indicates that the best possible payouts are 1:1 and 0.95:1 for player and banker wagers, respectively. If you bet on a tie, you will receive an 8:1 payout.

To win the most money, you must acquire the Perfect Pairs bonus while betting the maximum amount. If you acquire a Perfect Pair in both the player and banker hands at the same time, you’ll win 200:1.

How to Play Live Baccarat Squeeze

Because not all live casinos provide this casino game, you will need to start by looking for a live casino that does. After you’ve set up your account and made a deposit, follow the steps below to learn how to play live baccarat squeeze.

1.     Place your bet

You must set your wager in accordance with the live baccarat software’s regulations. For example, in the Evolution gaming version of the game, a minimum bet of $5 is required.

2.     The Cards Are Dealt

Following your wager on the Player or Banker hand (or the Tie bet), the live dealer will deal two cards to the Player hand before dealing two additional cards to the Banker’s hand. Using the above-mentioned third card drawing rules, each hand will either obtain a third card or remain unchanged.

3.     Squeezing the Card

During the third card drawing round, the exciting squeeze part Baccarat Squeeze comes into play, as the arrival of a third card determines which hand will win. However, not all cards will be squeezed; only the hand (Player or Banker) with the highest accumulated betting action will have its third card squeezed. All of this showmanship has no bearing on the game’s outcome. Their main function is to increase the level of anticipation.

4.     Comparing the Hands

The hand with the largest total wagers will then have its third card squished in front of 17 HD cameras, each with zoom capacity and close up views. As the card is squeezed, the outcome is a cinematic experience that allows players to sweat the action exactly like they would in a real casino.

5.     Get Your Winnings and Play Again

After the drawing round is finished, the hand with the closest total to 9 is proclaimed the winner. The dealer will then collect all of the cards on the table and shuffle them, allowing players to begin putting their next bets and begin the new round.

play live baccarat squeeze

Live Baccarat Squeeze Strategy

The house edge on each of the three base bets are the same because Live Baccarat Squeeze uses standard baccarat rules and gameplay. The player has a 1.06 percent house edge, the banker has a 1.24 percent house edge, and the tie has a 14.36 percent house edge. The commission on the sinful banker bet will remain at 5%.

So, how can you boost your chances? To tell you the truth, the basic baccarat technique isn’t all that fascinating. All you have to do is gamble exclusively on the Banker’s hand. Even after paying the 5% fee, you’ll still win more often than Player hand backers, and the difference in house edge rates is statistically significant.

Side Bets in Live Baccarat Squeeze

Pairs and Perfect Pairs wagers have a house edge of over 13%, so staying away from them is a good strategy. If you want to try your luck with side bets, you must first understand how they work.

Pair Side Bet

The standard Pairs side bet can be put on either the Player or the Banker’s hand, and it pays out whenever the first two cards in either hand make a pair. Pairs side bet winners receive a 5 to 1 payout.

Perfect Pairs side bet

The Perfect Pairs side bet raises the stakes by requiring the matched starting hands to be identical. In other words, to win on the Perfect Pairs side wager, you must match the card rank and suit exactly, but if you do, the payout jumps to 25 to 1.

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