American premiere racing competition, NASCAR, is set to launch brand new betting markets on the racing event from September. The betting products will go on a pilot run with sports data Genius Sports. The deal was done back May, as the agreement will see NASCAR use the technology company as their official real-time feed distributor to all of the sportsbooks in the USA.The agreement is intended to grow the brand of NASCAR in states that offer legal sports betting markets. This will expand the reach of betting products across several states other than Nevada, which remains the NASCAR betting hub for USA bettors. With the 2019 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Championship Playoffs set to be the stage for the trial run for the partnership, US players can look forward to making NASCAR bets online.nascar-racing-bets-to-be-launched-in-usa

NASCAR Racing Betting Products for 2019

The move has been long time coming, and it was necessitated by the rather startling decline in TV ratings as well as attendance at the stadiums. This prompted a lot of the major sponsors to pull out of the stock car racing series. NASCAR managing director of gaming, Scott Warfield spoke at length about betting products that they intend on introducing, along with the wish that the agreement with Genius Sports becomes a fruitful partnership for all parties involved. In an interview with eGaming Review, he said that their “looking at things like stage winners, most laps led, lead changes, driver matchups and group matchups,”.

Fears of Compromising the Sport

There are people that have raised concerns over the effect that introducing bets on NASCAR racing may have on the integrity of the sport. As a countermeasure to set those fears to rest, NASCAR partnered with SportRadar to monitor potential threats to the integrity of the sport.  This can potentially see the deal be extended beyond 2020, with the final product set to be in next year’s Daytona 500 race. Check out our recommended betting sites to see if you can place a wager on NASCAR races today!