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The Anonymous Poker Series With Bovada Poker

June 27, 2013

One of the gripes that some people have with online poker is that it's a much different game that live poker. At most sites, players on the Internet are allowed to collect detailed statistics on how their opponents play using database programs like Hold'em Manager, PokerTracker, PokerOffice and others. These statistics are then formatted and brought to live on the tables beside the opponents' names to show very detailed information about how they play. While it's still necessary to develop proper reads on people, a lot of players don't like the impact that this software has on the games.

Bovada Poker was one of the first to try to address this issue by offering anonymous tables where you do not get to see the screen names of your opponents. Now they're offering you a chance to get into the APS Live Finale in Manila. This tournament happens in January 2014, and there will be tons of satellite tournaments to get in. The qualifiers started on June 26, and they will keep on coming. Each satellite offers three tournament packages, and there are eight satellites total. The packages are worth about $6,600 each. These are some awesome prizes, and this means that there will be just under $20,000 worth of value given out in each satellite.

Each prize package includes everything you need for your trip. You'll get seven nights in a top hotel along with the $2,000 buy-in to the tournament. The flight to and from Manila is also included, and you'll be given $700 cash on top of a bag of Bovada-branded goodies. This is a ton of cool stuff to get in a single package that will take you on the poker trip of a lifetime, so make sure that you don't miss any of the remaining satellite tournaments so that you can get your shot.

All poker fans in the United States know about Bovada Poker. Formerly known as Bodog, they have offered online poker to American players for a very long time. They are currently one of the top sites available to US players, and their anonymous tables make them a very good place to play for people who don't want to have to deal with database programs, heads-up displays and other technological advances that some feel have taken away from the game. Come check out the satellites to the APS Finale and you might just win.