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The Regal Riches Slots Game

November 1, 2013

The Regal Riches slots game is a five reel progressive, 25 payline RealTime Gaming game that will impress the casino player. This slots game comes with a scatter symbol, a wild, a free spin feature and a max jackpot of $1000. What will impress the casino player more than the features is the theme. The Regal Riches game is one of a kind and is not to be missed.

The Regal Riches slots game is built around the theme of Queen Elizabeth first reign. The gameplay consists of five reels that include a total of 25 paylines and prizes up to $1,000. The game has a whimsical atmosphere that will be pleasing to the casino player. The slots game has ornamental gardens that are visible on the slots reels, which does communicate just how regal the royal families of that time were.

Queen Elizabeth also appears in the game as one of the symbols. Other symbols in the slots game include minstrels, opulent castles, golden chalices, butterflies, coaches, and bunches of grapes. The slots graphics by most accounts are decent but the theme makes up for it.

The Regal Riches slots game offers a good range of wagers that the casino player can try their luck on. The wide betting range is suitable of all styles of casino players, and of course, all kinds of budgets. There are also auto spins in the slots game as well. Queen Elizabeth plays the wild in the Regal Riches slots game, which means it can be a substitute for another symbol in the game. The great thing about the wild symbol is that they revolve in groups of three, which offers a possibility for each symbol on the slots reel to be taken up by the wild symbol; which in turn increases the casino player's chances of winning.

If the casino player sees three or more fountains in the the game arranged on a payline, this will reward the casino player a total of 25 free spins. These free spins begin with a 1X multiplier that increases by a single number with every free spin thereafter. This of course, means the 25th free spin will provide a 25X multiplier, which is very, very, very massive. The Regal Riches slots game includes both a major and minor progressive jackpot as well.Each respective jackpot is displayed to the casino player above the slots reels and either one is awarded at random following any spin.

The Regal Riches slots game will without a doubt be entertaining, fun and dynamic for the casino player. The great thing about this slots game is that it is easy to learn of course and easy to win. This particular slots game is available at a wide range amount of casinos. The Regal Riches slots game is no exception to the rule in terms of providing bountiful wins for the casino player. Don't let the graphics of the slots game fool you by any means because there is a lot of winning that can occur in this game if the casino player finds a way to take advantage of it!