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A Review of the Jenga Slots Game

December 27, 2014

The Jenga slots game is a non progressive from Cryptologic. It includes a wild symbol, a free spin feature, a scatter symbol and a $1,000,000 winning jackpot possibility. The slots game is a skillfully crafted game that takes a considerable amount of patience to play, but offers a wow factor in its payoff. Casino enthusiasts have noted that they never thought they would see a Jenga slots game, but Cryptologic made it a possibility.

It is important to note that Jenga officially endorsed Cryptologic to create the game. The background of the slots game can be changed with a simple click and can also be locked using the game's lock button. There is a background for each type of casino player - from the novice to the expert. The blocks in the slots game are oclored and every combination of three or more ensures a win for the casino player. Cryptologic's creation of the Jenga slots game allows for a multitude of winning possibilities. Every winning combination removes the blocsk from the Jenga tower and places new ones atop which can also create more wins for the casino player. If the tower happens to become extremely tall and collapses, the casino player is given a new free game. After the particular game has ended, the winnings associated from the previous game that was toppled are added to the overall payout.

The maximum of 18 lines can be lowered to nine. If the casino player opts to bet with a low amount, the betting begins at two cents and goes up to $20. This creates a betting range starting at 0.45 and going up to $450. The slots game also has an autoplay feature that can be accessed from the left side of the screen. There are a variety of speeds and configurations that can be changed by the casino player. Jenga is known as a game of both mental and physical skill. Originally crafted by the Parker Brothers, it translates to mean to build. The usual game is played with a total of 54 wooden blocsk. Each respective block is three times as long as its width. The game first emerged as a children's game in the 1970 and quickly became extremely popular. Originally created by Leslie Scott, the game has a Swahili aspect to it. Cryptologic has definitively created a mirror image of this exceptionally fun game.

There is an enormous amount of winning potential for casino players if the seek to play a game that requires mental skill and a vast amount of fortitude. The main gameplay of the Jenga slots game is complemented by a number of special features that include magic blocks. The magic blocks assist the casino player in creating what are referred to as layer bombs, which have the capability of destroying two, four, or eight layers of the lower part of the Jenga tower. This in essence produces a substantial amount of winning power if achieved. The Jenga slots game from Cryptologic is very entertaining and engaging and should not be missed!.