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A Review of the Untamed - Giant Panda Slots Game

March 23, 2014

Untamed - Giant Panda is a slots game from Microgaming. It is a five reel, 243 payline video slot that comes with a scatter, a wild, a free spin feature as well as a jackpot winning possibility of $5,625. This particular slots game is a part of a series of Untamed video games from Microgaming that emerged following one of their most successful games that was entitled, Bengal Tiger. This particular slots game is considered by casino enthusiasts to be extremely special and precisely created. It is centered around the theme of a giant panda, which is shown in their natural habitat in the background of the game. The slots game's background is surrounded by mountains and a bamboo forest. Microgaming made sure that the game's theme was consistent with what casino players understand about Chinese pandas.

This particular Microgaming slots game involves many entertaining and thrilling features that casino players can experience. These features include collect a wild, lucky nudge, the gamble feature and brilliant wilds. Each of these provide casino players with a plethora of different ways to win and win big. Microgaming made sure this particular slots game was filled with as many features as possible to make it fun and exciting to play. Casino players of all types can play Untamed - Giant Panda because the denominations start at one penny. Casino players can win up to a total of $91,000.

Untamed - Giant Panda's features include the aforementioned gamble feature, which provides an interesting take on the conventional version of the known gamble feature. In this particular feature, the casino player chooses their odds and then wagers from his or her individual credits. There is an indicator in this particular feature. If the indicator lands on the green sector of planet Earth, the casino player's wins are increased to the amount in the gamble to win box. If the indicator does not, then the casino player then loses what they have wagered. Collect a wild comes in the shape of a wild symbol, which in this particular slots game is the logo of the giant panda. If the casino player collects a total of four of the symbols, then the entire slots reel then turns wild on the very next spin thereby bringing an awesome opportunity to win and win big for the casino player.

Casino players can also experience an additional feature in the Untamed - Giant Panda slots game. If the casino player manages to get 3,4 or 5 scattered bejeweled eyes on the slots reels, this activates the lucky nudge feature, which is essentially a free spins feature on steroids. The casino player is given the chance to obtain win after win after win during this feature. An automatic nudge feature appears if the bejeweled eye peeks at the edge of the slots reels. This makes the feature one of the best not only in the slots game, but in the history of Microgaming games because of its many distinctive ways that the casino player can win. Casino players looking for an exciting and entertaining slots game will find that Untamed - Giant Panda surpasses anything they previously believed about an online slot!