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Blackjack and Its Different Variations

May 26, 2014

By most accounts, the game of Blackjack has a relatively unknown origin. Some books on the game acknowledge that it has roots in Spain, but this has not been verified. When Blackjack was first introduced to the United States, many casinos and gambling houses offered exceptional payouts that in turn stimulated casino players to play. Therefore, because of the unknown origin aspect of Blackjack, there are a variety of different variations of the game. For the most part, though, the variations tend to have similar components such as the standard 52 card deck, casino dealer, and the non usage of jokers. Additionally, most if not all of the variations allow for splitting and doubling down as well as treat the ace card as either 1 or 11. Some variations only count the ace as one card. It can be said that if casino players know how to play the original Blackjack game then learning the other variations are relatively easy and straightforward.

In the variations of the game of Blackjack, there are also other similarities that include hitting, where the casino player can ask the casino dealer for another card in order to obtain a certain number; standing, where the casino player chooses to remain with the card total they have with the hope of beating the casino dealer; and surrender, which is typically only available as a first decision. In surrender, the casino player makes the decision to do this and the house subsequently takes half of the original bet and returns the other half to the casino player. This essentially ends the casino player's interest in that hand. Some Blackjack variations use more than one deck of 52 cards making the results even more interesting and fascinating. In addition to this, many online casinos tend to offer several different variations for casino players to choose from.

What distinguishes each Blackjack variation from the next is the house edge. The rules of Blackjack are generally made via casino regulations and/or laws that are established. While each of the online casino's regulations may differ, most of them follow the same pattern where the casino player is paid out if they beat the casino dealer. Soft and hard hands are also prominent in Blackjack variations and this is why it can be quite tricky for casino players to keep the particular variations distinguishable. Key differences of Blackjack from other variations is the concept of both advantage play and card counting. Advantage play is an attempt to win more through the use of computation methodology. This means utilizing methods and techniques that give both a short and long term edge of the casino player in the game. While many casinos tend to frown upon this strategy, casino enthusiasts have often suggested that it can be quite useful to use for a certain length of time at the casino. Card counting is an careful accounting of cards that have been exposed with the effort of the casino player to achieve more wins over the casino dealer. The casino players follow a simple strategy of placing large bets when they have the advantage and try to obtain a good hand.