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The Slot Tournament

September 29, 2014

Slot tournaments come in two forms, Open and Invitational, offering the slot player fun and excitement with just an entry fee! Open tournaments are available to everyone and occasionally there are free requirements where you have to earn a specific amount of points on a club card or cash. Once you meet the defined fee requirements play can begin. Invitational slot tournaments require an invite or a request to participate. Invites come from casinos normally and are mailed or the lucky player receives a call. Invitees are the only participants, typically the casino’s loyal customers and high rollers. The public is excluded. Money is never input into the slot machines, as the machines have a predetermined number of credits established, as well as a time frame set to use up the credits. The only money you can lose is the fee requirement amount.

There are a set of steps to follow in these tournaments. First every participant must register with their player card, invitation, points or cash. After this each player will be provided with a scheduled play time and an assigned or selected slot machine when it is their turn. Play time minutes vary at each tournament, but players need to spin fast, making every effort to use up the credits and win in the fixed time. When the time is up, a casino representative goes to each machine and records the score and the highest scoring players return for multiple rounds, a qualifying round, and then a final round. Unused credits are forfeited. The casino determines the number of top players and the winners are announced.

Prizes are awarded from the money collected from player entries or the casino pays for the invitation players, with various levels of dollar winnings. The more players in the tournament mean the bigger the pot, the greater the win. The casino determines the prize pool distribution. Excitement continues for a few fallen players with attendance prize drawings given by many casinos, as well as worst score prizes. A few casinos offer a Double Down Casino tournament format opportunity that can have as many as five hundred players, which provides more winnings. Another option is a re-buy feature where you can enter the tournament again, so ask the casino about this option which might still give you the ability to win a top prize if the top scores reported are low.

Speed, luck, and concentration are the only strategies available. As soon as the reel stops, press the button again. The faster you spin the more chances you have of winning. Avoid any frustrations or distractions that can interfere with concentration and focus. Just spin until your time ends! Play the maximum bet amount you can if it is an option. Have fun, scream, shout, and jump up and down, but do not stop until the time is called to end. Check your local casinos for tournament information and online casinos for posted information, as there is always a slot tournament going on.