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Understanding The Difference Between 3 and 5 Reel Slots

June 1, 2014

Slot machines are just fun. There are not many things that can compare to the lights, excitement, and winning when you are playing slots! It does not matter if the machines are mechanical or online, but it might make a difference if you play 3 reel versus 5 reel slots. One arm bandit is the name everyone used to call them starting in the 1880s when Charles Fey invented the first slot machine with 3 spinning reels and five symbols, known as the Liberty Bell. It was based on a card game named Poker in an automated format and the Liberty Bell symbol represented the largest payout dollars on the machine. Banned in some states initially and popular in others, slots advanced nationally.

New technology grew in the early 1960s, which incorporated mechanical and electrical components, with multiple coin bet options, as well as higher payouts. In the early 1980s, microchip technology expanded the world of slot machines with the capacity to play the game online, first appearing as an online game called Fortune Coin. 1990s new technology came with exhilaration and suspicion, as players were uneasy about the technology, but marketing finesse turned fears to winning tears, along with multiple slot machine linking features, numerous site capability, and a game called Megabucks. Bonus games were added to existing casino slots and three and five reel online slots launched full scale. An infinite number of games and payouts are offered as cyber pleasure.

Three reel slots are the basic style with limited winning combinations, three paylines, or chances to win, and display traditional fruit, bar, and bell symbols. A few online games offer five paylines for winning. They are slower play pace, with the ability to track the game easily, simple designs, and you lose slowly. This slot is geared towards the player with a small amount of cash to lose and likes playing for longer periods of time. Big payouts can happen. Five reel slots are more imaginative with new themes such as comic book heroes, television shows, or motion pictures to name a few. There are more paylines, which means you have from roughly nine to almost two hundred chances of winning. With so many ways to win, it is difficult to track or even know that you have won, until the machine signals with success. These slots have big wins and high losses, with some jackpots reaching more than one million dollars to an even rare two million dollar machine.

Progressive slot machines are a feature of some five reel slots that offer escalating or building jackpots that equal the highest payout chance level. This slot is for the player who can handle higher levels of risk, spend more money, and can accept a big loss, along with the anticipation of a 100x jackpot win. Payout levels are similar for both types with some cyber casinos offering from ninety-six to ninety-eight percent across all slot titles. Three reel slots have a payout spread that is uniform and even for all prize points. Five reel slots have large jackpots amounts only.