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Using the Fibonacci System Effectively in Roulette

March 9, 2014

The Fibonacci system is a particular type of strategy that can be employed in the game of Roulette. Since the game of Roulette is all about numbers and math, the Fibonacci system is considered one of the better strategies that one can use in the game. Created by an Italian mathematician, the Fibonacci system is based on a sequence of numbers. Essentially, each new number equals the total of the previous two numbers in the sequence. Therefore, the system shows up as such: a 1, a 1, a 2, a 3, a 5 and so on. This particular sequence was first utilized by Fibonacci when he was studying rabbits. The system is also used in binary settings as well.

The system can be used in Blackjack and Craps as well, but is generally thought of as being used best in Roulette. The particular bet that a casino player places pays them even money giving them a 50/50 chance of winning. In order to effectively use the Fibonacci system in the game of Roulette, the casino player would use the number sequence to dictate to them what are known as betting units. A unit is a particular amount that a casino player can wager. If the normal bet is $5, then that is 1 unit, therefore 5 units would be $25. The theory behind the Fibonacci system is that each bet that is lost can in essence be recouped by betting that particular amount on the next wager.

For example, if all units equal a total of $5, then the bets that the casino player places are on even money bets (i.e. the color black - outside bet). The casino player will then begin by betting 1 units since that is the first number in the particular sequence. If the casino player wins any bet, then they can always go back to betting 1 unit the next time around. If that bet happens to lose, then the casino player will then bet another unit again since betting 1 unit will allow for the lost unit to be recouped.

There are disadvantages to the Fibonacci system, as is the case with most strategies of this nature. If the casino player happens to encounter a string of bad luck, then they could end up betting a significant amount and risking the entire amount of money they had allotted for the game of Roulette. The system then, is best used for short term results since the amount that the casino player would have to bet could end up being quite overwhelming. The Fibonacci system also works exceptionally well if the casino player has a small amount of money to play in the game of Roulette. While the losses can indeed add up, having a smaller bankroll makes them go over better in the eyes of the casino player. The casino player has the chance to adjust the Fibonacci system to suit their needs. This could then be quite beneficial because then they can set their own rules, while maintaining the overall premise of the system.