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What Is Blackjack Switch?

June 29, 2014

Blackjack Switch is another exciting variation of classic Blackjack. Each player received two hands. Cards can be traded between hands, but players are required to make two equal size bets with the option of switching the second card dealt by the dealer to each hand. The player can also switch cards to create a winning blackjack 21. For instance, if a player received a 5 with a 10 for one hand and an ace with a 7 for the other hand, the player can switch the cards from each hand to create a better hand, such as putting the 10 and ace together to make 21. Only the second card dealt can be switched. Since the goal of Blackjack is 21, the score of 22 results is an automatic push against all hands that are not over 21 and only even money is paid instead of the normal 3:2 payout for a blackjack. Six or eight card decks are used and the dealer deals the cards faced up. Splits and doubling are allowed. A hand can only be split once and the dealer only deals one card if aces are split. Insurance can be purchased as in standard Blackjack.

Switching is new and often a challenge for even experienced players. Some switches are obvious, but some are difficult when cards are similar. The goal of getting two cards better than the dealer is the exciting challenge. The player must understand the dealer’s upcard strength to determine strategy by identifying if the dealers faced up card is a potential deuce, stronger, or weaker. As in any Blackjack variation, faced up cards defined as strong cards range from the number 7 up to the ace. Weak cards faced up are 3 to 6, along with a deuce being any number 2 card faced up. The 2 card rarely results in a player bust in this type of Blackjack due to the dealer automatic push feature.

In Blackjack Switch, players have winner, loser, push, or chance hands. Sample winner hands include ace and a 7 versus a 7 or 19 versus a 2. Loser sample hands are 16 versus 8 or 5 versus 8. Push hands are 19 versus 9 or ace and 7 versus 8. Mental clarity is important to be able to mentally switch the top cards of each hand, as well as under the stand the card hand you could have by switching. Basic rules of switching include switching if you can take action on any hand or if you can make a winner stronger than a dealer faced up card. Always switch if you believe you can make one of your hands a winning blackjack hand, as it is worth the risk. Players can learn these rules and many more by playing on line or downloading the Blackjack Switch game. Gaining the strategy of power hands will permit more winning combinations and gain an edge against the house. Understanding what a stiff hand is an important element as well, along with maintaining the basic rules of standing on a 17 or higher.