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What Is European Blackjack?

June 8, 2014

Blackjack is a game that by most accounts started in Europe. A highly popular game in countries around the world, there are some distinct differences between what is regarded as traditional Blackjack and European Blackjack. European Blackjack has some basic rules that every casino player should understand. For example, the casino dealer has to draw until 16, the casino dealer must stand on a soft 17, the game utilizes eight decks of cards that are shuffled thoroughly after each round of play and the game pays 3:2. Casino playres will also find that European Blackjack does not allow for resplitting, and that insurance pays 2:1. In addition to this, double downs are allowed on 9,10 as well as 11 and on splits. Many of the rules are very similar to that of traditional Blackjack, but there are also some differences.

In the game of European Blackjack, since eight decks of cards are used, they are shuffled again after each play. This is often noted as a very crazy process for some card counters because it essentially makes it quite a problem trying to card count. Since it is difficult to establish a count in the game, there is also the thought that this game is unfavorable to the casino player, but that does not mean that the casino player cannot win and win big.

There are ome significant differences between what is known as regular Blackjack and that of European Blackjack. One of the most notable aspects is that rule that does not allow the casino dealer to look at their hidden card until each casino player has acted on their respective hands. This basically means that the casino dealer will not check to see if they have 21 until every other individual playing has. In the American version of Blackjack, the casino dealer can make the decision before other casino players. For this reason, some casino enthusiasts denote that European Blackjack is more favorable as opposed to less favorable.

Casino players seeking to play European Blackjack may have to search far and wide to find it because most casinos online tend to have the American version. Yet, with the popularity of Blackjack in general, this has allowed for more casinos to offer European Blackjack. The online casinos that do offer the variation, tend to offer it on mobile phones and on tablet computers for even more playing possibilities. If the casino player is one that prefers online playing versus land casinos, then European Blackjack will overall be easier to find and play. European Blackjack is one of the more fascinating and interesting versions of Blackjack because of the different rules that are associated with it. Many casino enthusiasts are conflicted about whether these rules make it more favorable or less favorable, however, the variant is still fun and exciting to engage in especially with other casino players that also enjoy Blackjack.Despite having to locate European Blackjack in the many different online casinos, finding a casino that has is not as difficult as one might think.