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What Is The Come Bet In Craps Exactly?

July 6, 2014

Craps is considered one of the most exciting and thrilling table games in the casino. Casino players can place a variety of bets such as pass line bets, proposition bets as well as come bets. One of the more popular bets is the come bet.

Come bets work similarly to pass line bets in that the craps player can make them following the establishment of a point. The come bet, then is the opposite of the pass line bet. Where the pass line bet allows you to bet prior to the point being established, you can only make a come bet following the establishing of a point. As in the pass line bet, the players can take odds on the come point. The craps dealer though must make the come odds wager for the player. If the craps player wants to take come odds, they would simply drop their casino chips in the come area and inform the craps dealer that they want to have odds on their come. The craps dealer will then pick up and place the casino come odds chips on slightly offset the actual come bet. This indicates that the top portion of the stack of chips is the odds bet and the bottom half if the actual come bet itself.

Once the casino player places their chips to make a come bet, the next roll that is made is treated as the come out roll for that particular bet. The rules for winning, establishing a point as well as losing on the come out roll for a pass line bet also apply to that of the come bet. When a come point is established, the particular come point is marked by the chip itself. The craps dealer will then pick up the come bet casino chip from the come box and put it inside the come point number box area.

Following the establishing of a come point, the craps player can take the true odds on that particular number that was established as the come point, as they would with a pass line bet. The craps player is permitted to make as many come bets as they so choose. If the craps shooter is rolling tons of numbers other than 7, there can be as many as 7 come bets happening simultaneously. If the craps player has come with odds bets working on a come out roll at the start of a new craps game, the portions of the odds of the come bets are automatically off, which means that they are not working and are not in play at the particular time. The regular come bets, however are considered working or in play. If the craps shooter happens to roll the number 7 on a come out roll of a new craps game, the come bets lose, but the craps player does not lose their come odds bets. If the number 7 shows on the come out of a new craps game, the craps dealer then returns the portions of the odds of the craps players come bets to them and holds onto the come bets themselves. If the craps shooter rolls a point number thereby establishing a point connected with the other come odds bets, then only the come bet wins because the come odds bet has been turned off by the dealer.