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The Treasure Nile Slots Game

February 6, 2015

If casino players enjoy history, then they will love Treasure Nile slots game. It is a 5 reel slots game that is an Egyptian themed slot. This game comes with the spicy air, ancient streets and of course, one of the largest rivers in the world, the Nile River. This is a typical Egyptian slot, only with one exception, a high jackpot on offer. It is important to note that the adjective typical does not imply anything negative. In fact, Microgaming made sure that their Treasure Nile slots game was one of the best on the market regarding Egyptian themed slots games, since there are several. With superb graphics, authentic sounds, the whole gaming experience is one of kind and quite authentic. The symbols in the Tresure Nile game are cobras, jewelry, ships, hierglyph scrolls, and King Tut to name a few.

In addition to this, the casino player can also find a number of specialty symbols such as wilds and scatters and these service to bring the winning balance that you have to a higher level. Speaking of money, the choices the casino player has to bet are limited. The coin value is fixed to 50 cents and you can only place one coin per payline. Therefore, the only selection you have to make is the number of lines. This may seem very unfair, but many casino enthusiasts have said that it is actually recommended to choose the max number of lines. The jackpot is not random in this game either and it is only triggered if 5 symbols of King Tut appear on the 9th payline with a maximum bet.

The wild symbol is a wonderful silhouette of the GIza Pryamids that face a dramatic sunste in Egypt. This is the substitute symbol for the Treasure Nile slots game. This means that it can take the place of each of the other symbols except for the scatters in order to boost one's casino game balance. These however are not a huge help in a progressive jackpot slots game such as Treasure Nile and casino enthusiasts state that this is considered the only flaw in the game itself. The Treasure Nile slots game's scatter symbol is the scattered scarabs that come in handy because they pay whenever they show up and on any of the slots reels. Whenever the casino player strikes 3 or more scarabs, the rewards that they recieve are multiplied by the total number of credits wagered.

Many casino enthusiasts have also noted that the Treasure Nile slots game has no special features such as bonus rounds and free spins. This would seem like it would make the game much more interesting especially an online casino game, however, this progressive jackpot game has enough excitement with the tons and tons and tons of prizes that can be won where the casino player will undoubtedly turn a blind eye to what may be considered flaws in the slots game. There are many online casinos that offer the Treasure Nile slots game including Golden Reef Casino. Take a look at playing this progressive slots game and come away a jackpot winner.