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Video Poker Strategies

February 21, 2015

Video poker tends to offer high payouts for casino players and this usually means that the house's edge is very small. In a basic video poker game, the edge ranges anywhere between 0.5% to -0.8%. This means that if the casino player plays the video poker games the right way, that money can be made. Although every game in an online casino incorporates some form of gambling, video poker is a card game that can be considered to be based more on skill and that means that a strategy can prove quite useful when playing it online. Here are a few strategies that can assist in playing video poker online more effectively.

1. Basic Playing - if you have the opportunity to get a 4 of a kind, a straight flush or even a royal flush, it is essential to discard first to last: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, 4 of a kind. If you are holding a total of 4 cards for a royal flush, discard the unsuited card. If you pull a 3 of a kind, a straight, a flush or a full house discard in this fashion: Full house, Flush, straight, 3 of a kind. If you have 4 cards towards a straight flush, then it is important to then discard the unsuited card. With a 2 pair discard the unpaired card and go for the full house. When you are holding 1 high pair discard the other 3 cards and try for another pair, a 3 of a kind, a full house of a 4 of a kind.

2. Money Management - too many casino players mismanage the amount of money they are wagering. These individuals tend to bet more or less than they should be betting at any given time. In addition to this, bettors usually expect a big payout right off the bat with their bankroll. A good gain in any session is about 10% and anything over 20% is consdiered quite a feat in the world of online gaming.

It is essential to break one's bankroll into units, where 1 unit is equal to 1 credit. Set a minimum wager amount depending upon how much of a bankroll that you intend to play. With this in mind, this ensures that you will not bet more than you intended to bet. You can always adjust your wagers if you start winnings.

If you go with these strategies, the payout percentage is almost guaranteed to be close to 99%. It is always best to go with the best payout.

3. Pushing Limits - this particular strategy is a very aggressive one that should only be used when you are wagering small amounts of cash or when you are showing a profit. Do not use this as a last measure as the odds are against you. If you hit, however, you will win big.

While there are other strategies, test out these video poker strategies and see if you are able to capitalize significantly on your winnings.