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Baltimore-D.C. Becomes the Fourth Largest Gambling Market in the US

September 4, 2018
Baltimore-d.c. casinos revenue growth

The list of the top gaming markets in the US has changed, and Baltimore-D.C has taken the place of New York. The Baltimore-D.C. has become the fourth largest market with Las Vegas, Atlantic City and Chicago being the top three. In 2017, the area made almost $1.8 billion, and the majority of the revenue was coming from the MGM National Harbor casino.

The Casino Bringing in the Money in Baltimore-D.C.

The Baltimore-D.C. area covers West Virginia and Maryland with the Maryland area growing by 34% from 2016 to 2017. In Maryland, six casinos contributed to the gaming revenue growth and this is also an economic driver. The city has more than 15 000 people working in the industry earning a combined $712 million in wages.

However, as we have mentioned most of the revenue is coming from the MGM National Harbor casino. The casino accounted for 38% of the total revenue in Maryland. As MGM was enjoying the increase in revenue, some casinos in Maryland lost revenue. The casinos that have lost revenue include the Horseshoe Casino with a 16.3% loss and Live! Casino with a 16.6% loss.

Baltimore-D.C. Customer Casino Preference

The MGM National Harbor Casino is a new gaming venue and offers players a luxurious gaming experience. Hence, it is preferred by a lot of gamblers in Maryland. The casino has one of the biggest casino floors in the area. However, players claim that it is too restricting because of the number of slot machines and table games on the casino floor.

For players who prefer a much simpler gaming experience, they said they preferred going to the Live! Casino and Hotel. The casino features more slot machines in comparison to MGM. It also has a bigger poker room space and players enjoy playing baccarat from the table game options.