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US Supreme Court Lifts Ban on US Sports Betting

May 15, 2018
US Supreme Court Overturns Sports Betting Ban

On Monday, May 14, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the federal sports betting ban is unconstitutional. According to the court, the 1992 Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) violates the 10th amendment in the constitution. The bill declares that state governments have the commandeering authority. However, the PASPA Act states what the state’s legislature can or cannot do.

They went on to say that there needs to be an important policy for the legalization of sports betting, but they should not make that choice. Congress can regulate sports betting, and each state can act on its own.

New Jersey Campaign to Overturn PASPA

The supreme court made this decision while ruling in the case of New Jersey, the NCAA, the four pro sports leagues and the Department of Justice in the US.

New Jersey has been working on overturning the PASPA Act supporting their campaign by highlighting the popularity of illegal sports betting in the USA. They were supported by the mentioned above organisations.

The Supreme court’s voting was a 7-2 in favour of cancelling the PASPA Act. The decision included the warrant for New Jersey to allow sports betting at racecourses and casinos. As a result, Nevada will no longer be the only state offering sports betting in the US.

A new sports betting law has been introduced by the New Jersey’s State Senate. The legislature permits online sports betting; however, it does not allow the betting on athletic events and college competitions in the state.

New Sports Betting Law by the United States

In the wake of the overturning of the PASPA, there will be a need to draft a new legislation that will govern the legal sports betting in the USA.

It has been reported that Orrin Hatch, the Republican Senator, will introduce a federal bill to establish sports betting fundamental standards. The bill will include protecting consumers and preserving sport game’s integrity. States that choose not to endorse online betting will be protected by the law.