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Best NFL Odds

NFL odds USABettors who understand how NHL odds work will never miss out on the second most exciting part of the NFL. The first part has to bet putting on your football shirt and taking part in the US sporting phenomena. Football is rated Americas most popular sport and every year footballer enthusiast come out in numbers to not only watch the sport but place bets. NFL odds are straightforward and easy to understand. Bettors don’t have to worry about learning strange new odds. Football odds are similar to what you would find in popular sports betting.

The NFL is made of 32 teams and three seasons. Bettors can place bets even before the league begins. Bettors are also not limited to placing NFL bets on who will win the Superbowl or the championship. Once the NFL starts every Sunday is like a huge football event. The last thing you is to miss out on the fun because you can’t read the odds. Our NFL guide goes over the popular NFL betting methods used by top sportsbook and bookmakers.

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Types of NFL Odds

There are four best NFL odds that every football punter has to know and understand.

NFL Point Spread

Betting on the NFL is not betting if we don’t talk about the king of odds, the point spread. Also known as the line, the spread is a favourite amongst beginners and experienced bettors. The bet can be thought of as the predicted margin of victory. Bookmakers choose a number that will encourage an equal amount of bettors to bet on the favourite of the underdog. The negative number indicates the number the team is favoured by, and the positive number indicates that the team is the underdog by that number of points


Bears -14.5

Packers +14.5

In this example, the bears are the favourites, and the packers are the underdog.  For bettors to win their bet, the bears will have to win the game by 15 points or more to cover the NFL spread. For the underdog to cover the spread, they will have to lose by 14 points or less.

NFL Moneyline

The money line is gradually gaining popularity as more US bettors begin to understand how to read NFL odds. The money line is based on which team will win the game. There are no requirements for winning. The team with the unfavourable odds is the favourite, and the team with the favourable odds is the underdog.


Ram -200

Panthers +150

In this example, the Rams are the favourite, and the Panthers are the underdogs. If you bet on the favourite, you will have to risk $200 to win $100. If you bet on the underdog, you will have bet $100 to win $150. The money line offers a more significant profit for less risk.

nfl playoff odds

NFL Totals

The Total bet is commonly known as over-under betting. The sportsbook will estimate what the total combined score will be in a match and bettors have to bet on whether the final score will be over or under the sportsbook total.

Example: in a match between the Bills and the jets the sportsbook will issue a total of 45.5. You bet 45.5 you are hoping the final combined score will be over the sportsbook 45,5 total if the total score is indeed over the sportsbook total, you will win the bet. If you bet 45.5 under and the overall score is below 45 you will win the bet.

NFL Futures

Future bets are some of the most thrilling bets that offer bettors lots of money but tons of fun. Future bets are made on events that will only happen later in the league such as who will win the Superbowl. Bettors have to remember that future bets are long term and placing a future bet ties your money for a long time.

Sportsbooks will place positive odds by the team to indicate how much bettors can win if their prediction is correct.

Example:  Miami Dolphins +6600. This means bettors stand to win $6600 if the bet $100 toward the Dolphins winning the championships.

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