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Super Pan 9

super pan 9Super Pan 9 is a casino game that requires players to count cards. The game is a variation of baccarat which means it carries a lot of the base game’s nuances. To play Super Pan 9, you have to know how to count numbers speedily as the game is based on numerical outcomes.The game consists of a player and a banker. Players have to try beat the banker with a hand that is a close as possible to 9. The game has several other names, such as Lucky Pan 9 or Pan 9.

The game is found in several USA online casinos and is worth playing. We have put together a guide that looks at the rules of Super Pan 9 as well as its strategy and odds.

Over 400 cards are used in this game and it is to know how to play each hand. If you are worried by math skills, don’t worry we have simplified that card counting to make that you don’t miss out on the fun.

Top Super Pan 9 Casinos

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Super Pan 9 Rules

The rules of Pan 9 are similar to other baccarat online real money games. The casino game uses between eight and 16 decks depending on the casino. Play Lucky Pan 9 using these … easy rules.

  1. Super Pan 9 uses a modified deck of cards which doesn’t include 7, 8, 9, and 10 cards. This reduces the deck to 36 cards.
  2. A player is named the banker and this position rotates around the table. Players are allowed to decline the banker position.
  3. All players will make a wager apart from the banker.
  4. Players will receive three cards all face down. Each player will either stand or draw a card.
  5. After all players have acted, the banker will stand or draw a card.
  6. If the banker has more points, the player will lose. Should you have more points, you will win even money. If the outcome is a tie, it will result in a push.

How To Play Super Pan 9

Playing Super Pan 9 is super easy! The aim of the game is to get as close as possible to 9. However, the most important part of the game is to focus on getting a better hand than the banker.

The hand outcomes are calculated similarly to regular baccarat. Face cards are zero points, ace cards are one point and all the cards count as per face value. The hands’ overall value will be the last number of the results. So, if a hand consists of a king, ace, 6, and 4 the value of the hand is 11. King is 0, Ace is 1, 6, and 4 count as is. The overall score of the hand is 1.

Super Pan 9 Rules

Super Pan 9 Online: Strategy

There are two main strategies that players should remember when playing Super Pan 9. The banker and the player have their own unique strategy. The banker’s strategy is mostly based on how the player handles their hand.

The player should hit when their hand value ranges between 5 and 0. If the player holds a hand with points ranging from 9 to 6, then they should stand.

Should the player hit, then the banker will need to hit on a 0-5 hand value and stand on a 6-9 hand value. However, when the player stands, the banker should hit on a 0-6 hand value and stand on a 7-9 point value.

What Is The Player Percentage for Super Pan 9?

The house edge in Pan 9 is dependent on the number of decks used. Usually, the house edge hovers around 1.14%.This figure decreases as the number of decks in used in the game increases as can be seen below:

  • 16 Decks – 1.1459%
  • 14 Decks – 1.1461%
  • 12 Decks – 1.1468%
  • 10 Decks – 1.1468%
  • 8 Decks – 1.1474%

Super Pan Online Odds

There are casino sites that offer players bonus bets and odds that depend on the suit of the hand. The popular bonus bets include the BC Bonus that offers payouts depending on three cards of the same color, any color or same suit.

The Dragon bonus payout on a hand consist of three or four cards. The cards can be of the same suit, color or not suited.

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