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Spanish BlackjackWhat Is Spanish Blackjack Exactly?

Spanish Blackjack is an exciting version of the enduring blackjack card game everyone around the world has played for decades and maybe even centuries. The goal of blackjack is to have a total of 21 or a hand that totals closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand without going over. All cards have a value in blackjack with the Ace counting as the number 11 or number 1 and is used as either value depending on the total you are trying to attain in the hand; cards number 2 to 9 have their face value, and the 10, and face cards Jack, Queen, and King each have the value of 10.

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How to Play Spanish Blackjack

The suits in the deck do not matter in the game, only the represented card value. When a hand contains an Ace, it is considered a soft hand versus a hard hand due to the duel value of the Ace. It is a hard hand when the value of the Ace must be counted as a 10 when the player holds a 6 and an Ace in their hand for example. Bets are made and the dealer deals the cards to all of the players, with each player starting with 2 cards, as well as the dealer, receives 2 cards and turns 1 of the card up to expose the value. Players then decide how to play their hand and the dealer has to play their hand based upon the casino rules. A blackjack or a natural, totals 21 with an Ace and any card valued 10 beginning with the first 2 cards dealt; if there is a split on two Aces, the total can be a 21, but not a blackjack for payout purposes. The games are very similar with one main difference, in Spanish Black or Spanish 21 as it is sometimes called, the player’s total of 21 always beat the dealer’s total of 21. If the dealer has blackjack and a player has blackjack, the player wins. Spanish Blackjack gives players a few more options, but uses a deck of 48 cards versus 52 cards used in classic blackjack. In Spanish Blackjack, all four10 cards are removed and the Jack, Queen, and King cards are retained and still have a value of 10.

Casino players who achieve a 21 total receive various levels of bonuses depending on how the 21 was accomplished. Both games allow you to split Aces, hit, stand, or double, as well as have what is considered soft and hard hands. Double down is permitted in Spanish Blackjack after seeing the first two cards, but if you do not like the card after doubling, you can used a double down rescue and lose your first bet, but keep your double down bet. There are also other options such as the late surrender and splitting up to 4 card options. Spanish Blackjack is normally played as Dealer Hits on Soft 17, but in classic blackjack, the dealer traditionally stands on 17 depending on the casino rules. There are many more options, so keep reading and practicing to prevent the play from always being in the casino’s favor.

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