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Super Fun 21 BlackjackWhat Is Super Fun 21?

Super Fun 21 is a type of Blackjack variation. In this particular variation, the casino player can win if they have a total of six cards or more than total 20. This is very different from traditional Blackjack because usually 21 is what is needed to win. In a real money online blackjack game of Super Fun 21, however, the casino player can achieve an impressive feat when they have 20, as long as their hand has six or more cards. This rule applies even if the casino dealer happens to have Blackjack. The rules of Super Fun 21 are very different from traditional Blackjack as well, making it one of the most unique variations of Blackjack ever created.

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How to Play Super Fun 21

In the game of Super Fun 21, there are a total of 52 cards used, rather than several decks of cards. This is yet another difference because in most Blackjack games at both online casinos and land based casinos, multiple decks are used in the game. The aces are counted as either 1 or 11 depending upon which the casino player feels will benefit them. This is consistent with traditional Blackjack. The casino player is required to first place a bet and is then dealt two additional cards, that are dealt facing up. The casino player has a tremendous amount of advantages if he or she opts to play Super Fun 21 that include the ability to split a hand of up to four different times. This allows for a considerable amount of winning possibilities. A casino player can also double down at any point in the game of Super Fun 21 despite the amount of cards that he or she has been dealt. The casino player is also allowed to automatically double his or her money when a hand consists of five cards or more than total 21 (Blackjack). One of the most often talked about rule differences in spite of all of these is the fact that Super Fun 21 pays 2:1 rather than the typical 3:2 that traditional Blackjack plays.

House Edge in Super Fun 21

Additionally, the house edge tends to be relatively low in Super Fun 21. Some casino enthuaists dispute this noting that the house edge is equal to that of a regular, conventional Blackjack game in some casinos. It is important then for the casino player to look at each casino that happens to offer Super Fun 21 to find the one where the house edge is as low as some have noticed. Super Fun 21 is often thought of as a novice version of the game of Blackjack since there are so many distinctive differences between the two. While this thought is out there, many online casinos offer Super Fun 21 as a variation from the traditional version and casino players do play. There are also guides and online tips and tricks regarding Super Fun 21 that both casino novices and advanced casino players examine and use for their playing enjoyment. As with all Blackjack variations, Super Fun 21 will not appeal to everyone, but it is quite entertaining to play and to learn.

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