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USA Blackjack Tournaments 2019


The card comparing game, blackjack has been around for years and soon after Blackjack tournaments were a popular way of attracting American players to land-based and online casinos. The tournaments are adored by us player for their prize pool and unmatched entertainment.

Blackjack Tournaments play differently to regular blackjack; however, the basic rules apply to casino tournaments. You will be playing against the player at the table and dealer. The concept of tournament blackjack is to acquire more chips and move onto the next round. Another difference is that you need to know when to stray from the basic Blackjack strategy to outsmart your competitors.

Our team of experts have researched blackjack tournaments and managed to come up with a guide that will ease you into playing at tournament tables in no time. We go through the different types of Blackjack Tournaments, how to play and helpful tips. It is important to remember that each tournament has its own rules and set number of rounds, let's get started.

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Types of Tournaments

Blackjack Tournaments are usually significant events with multiple players. Games are played chips, and each player starts with the same number of chips. These chips represent real cash. Tournaments are entered with an entry fee which is set by the casino.

Elimination and Non-Elimination Tournaments

Elimination tournaments will see players being eliminated at the end of the round.

Non-elimination tournaments are usually one round, and the player with the most chips wins

Sit and Go Tournaments

These tourneys are generally played and online, and no start time is set. The game starts when there are enough players

Scheduled Tournaments

Start at a fixed time and players will have to register beforehand.

Freeroll Tournaments

No entry fee is required, and there is a real money cash prize. These tournaments are held for regular player and used to attract new gamblers.

Satellite Tournaments

Satellites do not offer players real money prizes, however, offer players entry into higher value tournaments

How to play

Trying your hand at blackjack tournaments is only five steps away

  1. Find and sign up to tournament at a reputable casino
  2. Match your competitors bet
  3. Now that you have seen your hand decide on your next move
  4. Wait to find out the outcome of the round and whether or not you will be moving onto the next round.
  5. Once all the rounds have been played a winner will be announced

Top Tournament Tips

Before playing Read through the tournament rules thoroughly. You need to be able to keep track of your chips as well as your competitors' chips. With that being said, it is essential to know when to match your competitors bet. The aim is to have the most chips at the end of each round using the basic blackjack strategy is a great start however you need to know when to deviate and play with different strategies which can secure you more significant short-term results.

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