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US Online Craps Rules

Craps rules are fairly simple and easy to understand. Grasping the different craps rules plays an important role in learning how to play the game. Craps is one of the many exciting casino games available today. The game is played using a pair of dice, and the objective of the game is for players to bet on the outcome of a roll, or a series of rolls of both the dice in play. The dice are 6 sided with numbers 1-6 on each side. You can play an informal craps game against your friends, also called ‘street craps’, or a more formal game against a bank, known as ‘casino craps’ or ‘table craps’. A craps table accommodates about 20 players, while the craps casino crew consists of a stickman, a boxman and two dealers.

An online craps game is played in rounds and each round has two phases - come out and point. Each player is given a chance to roll the dice. The rotation moves clockwise, and you may choose to not roll the dice if you wish to skip. Find out more about the US online casino craps game below and sign up to play once you know how to.

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How to Play Craps

To Begin...

To start the game, you must wager the table minimum on either the pass line, or the don’t pass line. Both bets pay even money.

Here are the characteristics of a pass line bet:

Here are the characteristics of a don’t pass bet:


To start an actual round, a player makes 1 or 2 come out rolls. If the outcome is 2,3 or 12, the round ends and you lose your pass line bets. If the outcome is 7 or 11, this counts as a win. The player continues to roll the dice until the numbers 4,5,6,8,9 or 10 are rolled. Whichever number is achieved first becomes the point number. The dealer then places an ‘on’ button on that specific point number, signifying the second phase of that particular round. If the player rolls the point number during the second phase, this is a win for all pass line bets. The dice is returned to the shooter and a new come out roll commences. If the number 7 is rolled, all pass line bets are lost and the second phase of round one ends. The dice is then given to the next player in line who then follows the same process.

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