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Keno is a terrific game, and has managed to reach a whole new demographic as it is played in an online casino. It is a simple game to play, and does not require advanced strategy to enjoy. Best of all, there are nice payoffs for winning, so it's worthwhile to participate.

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Keno Rules

Keno is, of course, generally associated with an older demographic in a land-based casino. It is played there as a leisurely game, and there is a certain period of time between games for everybody to compile their numbers and put them on the keno card.

The advent of online gaming has changed some of that. Because there is the ability to play at a much faster pace, the game can appeal to customers who want to play more games over a shorter period of time. That's because the speed can be controlled, not to mention the time between games, which is completely at the player's discretion.

The way this game is played is familiar to most people. Part of the apparatus of the game is the keno "board," which can accommodate numbers that go from 1 to 80. As the player, you get the chance to mark up your own "card" with fifteen different numbers. Then what happens is that program itself, which is governed by a random number generator, will draw twenty numbers, and your objective is to match as many of the numbers on your card as you can with the numbers that are drawn (and which show up on the keno board).

There is a pay table, which is in plain view, that’ll tell you how much you will win, depending on how many numbers you "hit."

Keno Strategy

The question of keno "strategy" is a very interesting one, since there really isn't a technique by which you will have a better mathematical chance of winning. You may want to have some fun with tracking numbers and gauging the likelihood that some numbers will appear on any given round of play, based on your interpretation of past results. Frankly, that approach is as good as any.

Otherwise, your approach - that is, the one that might give you the best opportunity to get the most out of the game - is to budget your money, in accordance with some decent money management principles. How many games do you want to play? How much are you going to wager? Multiply the two and that is your budget. Don't bank on winning money; if that happens, chalk it up as a bonus.

Keno Tips

Here are some basic tips you may want to follow as you enjoy the game of keno in an online casino: