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keno money management strategiesKeno Money Management

How well you manage your money can affect your chances of having a successful keno game. Developing a proper keno money management plan is often a neglected, yet crucial part of the game. Advanced online keno players might already have a clear outset on what their goals are for the game and how to manage their bankroll efficiently to get there.

However, this kind of discipline might not come as easy to first-time keno players. Playing keno can be very exciting and getting carried away can happen within the blink of an eye if you have not prepared a money management strategy beforehand. One of the worst things that can happen to any player is losing completing your bankroll before you even really started enjoying the game.

Follow our guide and read our tips to learn about ways to make your money last longer. But not only that, our strategies will help you improve your standing and better your chances of winning money.

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Building a Bankroll

Building a good and proper keno bankroll is simple, discipline is all that is required of you. To build your bankroll, you’ll have to dedicate a portion of your monthly earnings to the game, and save that in a separate bank account. Created a separate bank account for your casino game expenditure comes highly recommended and is done to avoid using the money you need to fund your living expenses for gambling. The amount of money you put aside for entertainment purposes is completely up to you and what you can afford. Alternatively, you can choose an even simpler route and deposit all your change into a piggy bank or glass jar that locks. The money will eventually add up, and you can then use that money to fund your habits.

Keno money management

Best Keno Money Management Strategies

Having a good strategy up your sleeve in any casino game can only be beneficial to you. We’ve summarised three of our best keno money management strategies for you to use in your next game. See what they are below.

Opt for Small Bets, Not Big Bets

To be safe, its best to make small keno bets instead of large ones. Keno is a game of chance which means there’s no way of predicting what the outcome will be. The chances of you winning or losing is equal. Statistics show that the house is more often than not the one that benefits more. Considering the odds that are against you, its best to start off small. The general minimum wager amount for keno games played on the internet is $1, but this can vary based on the casino. Betting the minimum amount or an amount close to it will help stretch your bankroll and possibly keep you in the game for longer.

Track Your Expenditure

Another key aspect of proper money management is keeping record oh much money you’ve lost to the game so far, how much you’ve won, and how much money you still have at your disposal. If you are playing online, its best to track this every hour to make sure that you are still within budget. Its also helpful to set a time limit for playing and spacing out your budget accordingly.

Be Careful When Selecting Which Variation of Keno to Play

Live keno games in an actual casino have breaks between play. This is useful to slow as the time spent away from the game is money saved. Video keno and online keno don’t offer this. These games happen much quicker, which means that you are spending money more frequently. It’s important that you be careful when choosing a variation, and that you adjust your money management strategy according to the variation you choose.

Other Keno Money Management Tips

Most, if not all casinos offer its customers various kinds of bonuses. These bonuses can be used differently, but we encourage you to use your bonuses and the money you might win from it to fund future play. This is a smart way of building your keno bankroll without using new money of your own. Most bonuses have play through requirements, meaning there might be certain criteria you need to meet first before you are able to claim a bonus. However, if you are a frequent player, getting through these will be no hassle at all.
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