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Keno Tips and Tricks

Keno TipsPlaying Keno both online and off is thought of to be quite an entertaining, exciting and engaging experience as casino players can potentially win big and lucrative payouts.  There are no specific strategies to Keno but there are keno tips and that has proven to work with those that play regularly. These tips for playing keno will help you maximize your chances of winning at the game. So, read below for more about the tips to win at keno and sign up listed below to play for real money.

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Tips for Playing Keno

1. Use Multi-Race Cards

Many USA online casinos have what are known as multi racecards with their online Keno games. These cards permit players the opportunity to choose numbers one time in their game and continue using the ticket for any Keno game that follows the initial one.

2. Pick Consecutive Numbers

Players can pick different numbers out of a total of 80. It is recommended by casino enthusiasts, however, that consecutive numbers be chosen given the nature of this game. It is essential that players study and look for patterns when they are playing Keno. This aids in also finding the best online Keno game in terms of fairness.

3. Press your Luck with Lucky Numbers

as quiet as it is kept, lucky numbers are often ones that hit, so why not use those in a game of online Keno? Numbers such as birthdates, important events, house numbers, numbers in license plates, etc. Each of these can potentially increase the likelihood of winning at a Keno game. While the strategy has not necessarily been scientifically proven, many players have won significantly by using this tip.

4. Play the Minimum Number of Five

Playing Keno online the correct and right way is a skill that is learned. As such, many casino enthusiasts suggest that picking more than five or more numbers is very risky. While winning on these numbers can yield substantial jackpots, choosing more than five or six numbers isn’t recommended given the nature of luck and chance.

5. Choose a Casino with Good Payouts

Casinos tend to offer a significant payout more than traditional casinos. Therefore, look for a casino that offers many more winning opportunities and chances than regular, traditional land casinos. It is recommended to read reviews of the particular casino to see what others have said about them. In doing this, the player can learn invaluable information about the casino they are considering playing at and how well past and prior players have performed on games such as online Keno.

Keno Tips and Tricks

6. Play for Free

Players can play Keno online for free at the casino before depositing any money. Most, if not all casinos offer the chance to see what online Keno is all about before investing a notable amount of money. By practicing, this allows the player the chance to perfect their skills and see if they can capitalize on a particular formula that works to give you the advantage over the house.

7. Study the Paytable

This is something that all players should engage in. Taking a close study of the payout table with online keno will reveal some exceptional bets. For example, if the player opts to pick anywhere between 7 and 11 numbers, then the player needs a total of three hits to break even. So good betting is essential. This means studying the online keno game particularly closely in order to have a maximum payout at the end.

8. Balance the Yin and the Yang

Keno is an ancient game from China and thus, one of the concepts of the game is to balance the yin and yang. Therefore, the yin is represented by the top half of the player’s Keno ticket and the yang encompassing the bottom half. This means that there should be unification and harmony in terms of number picking both on the top and the bottom. While the concept of the yin and yang is not specifically proven scientifically, there is a reason to believe that doing this or adopting this strategy should be done.

9. Simple Number Picking

The winning numbers are chosen at random, therefore, casino players should have fun picking the numbers. The possibilities are limitless with Keno number picking. Thus, there is no wrong way of selecting the numbers. Going with telephone numbers, birthdays and license plate numbers is by no means out of the question. Many casino enthusiasts swear that these types of numbers have a way of winning frequently.

10.  Pacing Oneself

This is one of the good keno tips to incorporate into all games online. Knowing when to quit and when to continue playing is essential. Since Keno is very similar to the lotto, after a few wins it is best to take a break and do something different either in the casino or in general as to not get stuck in the game because there is unfortunately so much winning that can happen based on the odds in the game and the edge of the casino.

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