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3 Card Poker Strategy

3 Card Poker StrategyUsing 3 card poker strategy is the key to a successful game of three-card poker. Three card poker is an exciting take on poker played with only three cards, and players are playing against the dealer rather than the other players. The card game offers players opportunities to win big with its added-on bonuses. Tri-card poker as it is also known is easy to play and the only way one can really get the most out of the game is using a strategy.

You are probably wondering why you would need a strategy if playing is as easy as we say.  Well, the side bets and 3 card poker house edge are factors which make winning tough. Playing three card poker is limited to only two betting options, and players have to know and understand all the basics before placing bets. See our top 3 card poker tips and strategy to help you beat 3 card poker like a pro.

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5 Tips for playing 3 card poker

Before learning the different betting, strategies, there are five essential 3 card poker strategy tips players have to know. Play 3 card poker like a pro using our top three card poker tips.

Tip 1: Know the Rules

There are only two ways to play tri-card poker and players have to know and understand both approaches. The two playing options are the Ante-Play and the pair plus. Learning the rules to each betting options will help players grasp the strategies easier and possibly save you from risky betting.

Tip 2: Practice, Practice; Smash it!

Playing real money 3 card poker give players tons of opportunities to win big. The odds can tempt players to bet big. However, you have never played a game of three-card poker. You may want to familiarise yourself with the game. Practice playing 3 card poker in Play mode at top internet casinos before betting for real money.

Tip 3: Bankroll management

Set a budget. Playing a good 3 card strategy requires players to be prepared and have a playing budget set.  Managing your bankroll will ensure that you make sensible bets that can keep you in the game longer. Take advantage of casino bonuses as they can also help with increasing your bankroll.

Tip 4: Play 2 games

Placing two bets in the game is a win-win situation, or it can be a win-loss situation for the player. Playing the Ante-Play bet as well as the pair plus keeps the players win and loss balanced and can see the player win big.

Tip 5: Find the perfect casino for you

Internet casinos are all different and offer different 3 card poker betting options. Before playing a game of tri-card poker, visit a few casinos to review their paytables, play mode options and bonuses.

three card poker strategy

Ante Play Strategy

The basic strategy used when playing ante-play is to bet on hands with Queen, six, four and better. The strategy also suggests that players should fold and lose their ante if the hand they hold is lower than Q,6,4. The casino 3 card poker strategy will also see players bet on pairs or better or hold a high card such as the ace or king. Players should always remember the following strategy guidelines:

  1. Bet if you hold an upper hand that has a Queen and the next highest card is a seven or higher
  2. Bet if you hold a high hand that has a Queen and the following most top card is a six followed by a 4 or 5.
  3. Fold if you hold a Queen and the following highest card is a six followed by a 3 or 2
  4. Fold if you hold a Queen and the following most top card is a five or lower

3 card poker strategy pair plus

The most popular three-card poker strategy tips used by the American player has to be the pair plus strategy. To place the pair plus wager you have to place poker chips on the pair plus marking on the poker table. The pair plus bet need not match your ante. Should your hand include a straight, three of a kind, flush or pair you will win the bet. Over 20 000 possible hands are ranging from over 40 straight flush hands to over 16 000 losing hands in pair plus.

3 card poker strategy 6 card bonus

Another three card poker strategy players tend to take advantage of is the 6-card bonus. You won’t have to bet the dealer to win; however best five-card hand made from the combination of the dealers and players hand will be paid according to the paytable. The strategy uses the standard US poker ranks and offers payouts as huge as 1000 to 1 or 2000 to 1
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