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Online Poker Myths USA

Top Online Poker MythsThe internet is crawling with poker myths that are easily believable when players are on a losing streak. It is human nature to start being doubtful when things don’t go our way. Creating unrealistic conclusions as a defence mechanism after losing a lump sum of money is often easier than taking time to learn a poker strategy. These myths have given the table game a bad rep and have discouraged new players from trying the game. We have to be honest some of these myths sound too good to be untrue.

Online poker is a fun and rather profitable game. it is only expected that the game will be surrounded by a number of misconceptions. Although online casino poker is slightly different from playing poker in land-based casinos the belief that cards behave differently online is just another myth that we would put as number eleven. We have put together a list of the top ten myths that players are sure to hear in poker and we are calling them out.

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Top Ten Poker Myths in the US

We can’t be sure as to where all these myths come, and we bet you wouldn’t believe us if we said there were more myths on the internet. Well, we would hate that you give up playing poker because of all the misconceptions surrounding the game. Here are the top ten US poker myths, debunked!

Myth 10. Cashing out is bad luck

The biggest myth of our time is the cashout curse. There is an assumption that casinos go out of their way to ensure that players go on a losing streak after withdrawing their winnings.  It is hard to imagine why casinos would try to discourage players from withdrawing their winnings.  We reckon nothing will make you feel rewarded as you keep playing like cashing out. Right?

Myth 9. Maths is a must with poker

You do not have to be a maths genius to play poker. This myth stopped many poker fans from playing poker online. While you may have to use basic maths to calculate bets and poker odds advanced maths knowledge is definitely not a must.

Myth 8. You can only learn to play High Stakes

New poker players should practice using playing poker for fun and progressively invest a few bucks to learn how to play sound strategy. From there US players should start playing for lower stakes. Playing for High stakes should only depend on your bankroll and confidence.

Myth 7. Bluffing is a good strategy

Bluffing is a strategy on its own is not really ideal however we cannot deny that they are a vital part of successful poker strategies. Players need to know when and how to bluff to have a winning strategy.

Myth 6. Poker is based on luck

Unlike with RNG casino games, poker results are not determined by the random number generator. In terms of luck, it all ends with the hand you receive. Poker involves taking complex decisions, observing opponents and skill. There is only so much luck that you will need in poker.

Online Poker Myths Busted

Myth 5. Poker is all about reads

If the only way to win is to be able to read your poker then online winners would always lose. For starters you can’t see your opponent nor can they see you or the state of the living room. Although the myth has put players off from playing online, reading your opponent’s physical reaction is not as significant as using skill and strategy to win.

Myth 4. Online poker is not safe

One of the biggest myths in poker or in any casino game is that playing internet games is unsafe. The truth is players have to be extremely careful when choosing their internet casinos. Players have to ensure that the casino is safe and regulated by eCOGRA

Myth 3. online poker has more bad beats

Firstly, bad beats can happen in both online and live poker rooms. Bad beats are seen more online because players tend to play more hands online than what they would in poker rooms. Another factor is online poker games are played at a faster pace.

Myth 2. Only Pros Win

Not true. Gambling is about luck. Players may win today and that does not guarantee that they will win tomorrow as well. Even Good player suffer from losing streaks, it happens to the best of us.

Myth 1. Online poker fixed

One of the common myths on the internet is that online poker is rigged. Internet casinos are regulated bodies that ensure that online games are fair. Likewise, with gaming software. US Players don’t have to worry about casinos engaging in deceitful behaviour to bet players. Online poker uses an RNG and it is incredibly difficult to fix as they are confirmed by a license

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