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American roulette differs from the European and French variations of the game. Therefore, to optimize your chances of winning, it is advised to familiarise yourself with those differences and how they affect the game and all possible outcomes. Spoiler alert, this version of the game comes less recommended because the odds of winning an American roulette game are made slimmer. We explain why later. Unlike other versions, American roulette uses different chips, so before playing, players need to exchange their regular chips with the dealer. Each player receives a different colour chip to avoid confusion.

Some of the more distinct differences include the roulette wheel and table, the American roulette house edge, as well as the odds and American roulette payouts that differ as a result. I explain this with a bit more detail later. This article also provides a list of reputable online casinos where you can play American roulette below. In closing, we list a few tips and tricks to help you win and make some money!

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Visualising the American Roulette Wheel

This roulette wheel differs slightly from its counterparts. For starters, here the numbers are placed vertically whereas in French and European roulette the numbers are placed horizontally. The American roulette wheel also has an extra pocket to accommodate the double zero roulette wheel layout which is unique to this variation of the game. The added double zero brings the number of pockets on an American roulette wheel to 38 overall. These added features lead to differences in the house edge and possibly how players will place bets as well as the probable outcome of each bet. However, although the house edge increases, the payout ratios remain unchanged.

Discussing American Roulette Bets, Odds and Payouts

This brings us to the other aspects of the game- roulette bets, odds and payouts. Like I’ve mentioned previously, because the wheel layout is different, various other things are affected such as the odds of winning and the house edge.

The different types of bets found in roulette is pretty standard, with the exception of one found only in American roulette. We’ll discuss this type first. A top line or basket bet is found only in this version and covers numbers 0, 00, 1,2 and 3. It also presents the worse odds of winning due to its low payout of 6:1 and high house edge of 7,89%. All other bets in American roulette have a 5,26% house edge. See why it is considered the worst?

Below we’ve summarised all other types of bets in American roulette, as well as the respective payouts and odds associated with each.

The Bet

The Payout

The Odds (in favour of the player

Straight bets (single numbers)



Split bets (two numbers)



Street bets (three numbers)



Corner bets (four numbers)



Six-line bets (six numbers)



Dozen/column bets



18 Number bets



Even/odd bets



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American Roulette Strategies to Help You Win

American roulette is not the popular choice, and evidently so. However, for those brave enough, I’ve listed a few tips below to help you make the most of your online casino experience and hopefully bag some money.

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