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Roulette Cheats and Tricks

roulette cheatsMorally, roulette cheats are wrong for several reasons. However, in a game Albert Einstein deems impossible to beat, it seems even the most modest players appreciate a good cheat method. Cheating a casino is considered a criminal act and offenders will be charged and dealt with in a court of law. Here we’ll define cheating as any method used to intentionally influence the outcome of a roulette game.

There are both legal cheat methods and illegal cheat methods used by crooks in online roulette gambling. In this article, we’ll list a few commonly used cheating techniques that have been used by players and even dealers in the past. We’ll also look at some of the preventative measures many casinos have implemented to prevent roulette machine cheats from reoccurring in the future. Of course, this is just what we know, there are many players trying to come up with roulette cheats daily.

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Original Cheats in Roulette

Now, there have been players in the past who have risen to fame across the world for their casino cheat methods while playing casino games online and even in a casino building. We’ll drop a few names for interest’s sake. Pierre Dugal was a 19th-century cheat known for tampering with roulette tables after hours. He was later outed by his wife after she caught him in a different kind of a cheat- infidelity. Monique Laurent, on the other hand, was more tech-savvy and used a remote-controlled ball and hid its controller in a pack of cigarettes. She was outed by the bitter casino owner who decided to investigate her after she turned him down on a romantic offer.

Illegal Roulette Cheats

Mechanical cheating refers to tampering with the roulette wheel or ball directly. This may involve manipulating the magnets or padding of the wheel. By placing magnets in both the table and ball, gamblers can hypothetically control where the ball rests. Even with this added control, getting the ball to land where you want it to is not always a given. But, players may still be able to control the area where the ball lands, which gives them an advantage regardless.

The padding of roulette wheels is more of an inside job. This technique is used by operators who might have been involved in the manufacturing process of the roulette wheel. A padded wheel makes the ball bounce more on some materials, and less on others. This could mean using softer wood in the structure of certain pockets, and maybe stiffer materials, like metal, in the construction of others.

Sleight of hand cheating comes in the form of past posting, palming chips and pinching, all of which are considered illegal. With palm cheating, crooked players would hide chips in the palm of their hand and either strategically add them onto a winning bet, or use their palm to remove chips from a losing bet.

Past posting refers to deliberate late betting. Here players would wait for the ball to rest in the winning pocket before placing their bet. Security cameras and other technological devices have become better at spotting this kind of fraudulent play.

The last sleight of hand cheat is called ‘pinching’. Here roulette cheaters also wait for the ball to come to a stop first, but instead of placing a late bet, a losing bet is mysteriously removed from the table instead.

illegal roulette cheats

Legal Roulette Tricks to Win

Digital cheating is one method many call ‘legal’ or a more acceptable roulette cheat method. This form of cheating involves the use of technology to beat roulette. Computers can be used to detect biased numbers as well as the winning pocket with the help of physics laws. In fact, the use of computer programming to predict winning numbers in roulette is not considered an illegal act in the USA.

How Casinos Defend Themselves Against Roulette Cheaters

With all the cheating going around, it is expected that casinos would want to protect themselves. Here are some of the measures they take to do this.

Mandatory Etiquette is a security measure taken by casinos to prevent cheating such as sleight of hand. Players need to keep their hands away from the roulette table at crucial parts of the game like when the ball is in play. This helps operators spot potential cheaters easier.

Many casinos also use cameras situated above the roulette table and on it, which records every bet and its outcome, as well as the actions of all participants. The data on film is then fed into a computer that detects any trends or patterns of suspicious nature. If the computer detects a cheat, the guilty party will either be banned from the casino for life or a warrant will be sent out for their arrest. Both dealers (casino staff) and gamblers are subject to the same scrutiny.

Online roulette casinos protect its customers by conducting regular audits, ensuring that they meet all licensing requirements, and also through SSL encryption which protects all personal information.

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