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There are a few distinct aspects about French roulette that every wishful player needs to know. This will be the starting point towards uncovering the ins and outs of playing French roulette online. Firstly, there is no limit on the number of participants allowed to play French roulette. Secondly, all gamblers use the same kind of chips with the same value. Lastly, in this variation of roulette, the croupier can assist players with placing their bets. He or she also announces the start of the game, the winning number, and does all French roulette payouts.

The main objective of roulette regardless of the variation you are playing remains the same. Gamblers place bets on the number they predict the ball will land on once it is launched onto the roulette wheel. There are also various types of bets each with its own winning likelihood. Winning is therefore not guaranteed, making roulette a game based largely on luck.

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Rules Unique to French Roulette

We’ll start with the boring yet very important aspect of analysing French roulette online, the rules. There are two rules unique to this variation of the game, the en prison and la partage rules. The former offers a player the opportunity to recover his or her stake in the unlucky event where the ball lands in the zero pocket when a bet was placed on a number elsewhere. Bringing this rule in play secures the stake for another spin around. The latter is very similar to the en prison rule, except this time if the ball lands on the zero pocket and an even number bet has been placed, the player forfeits half of his or her stake.

The French Roulette Wheel Layout

The French roulette wheel layout is pretty simple and consists of 37 numbers that go from 1 to 36 in alternating red and black colours as well as a number zero in green. There is the French roulette table with similar numbers laid out for players to easily make their bets.

French Roulette House Edge, Bets, and Payouts

Here’s where things get interesting and players are really put to the test.

The house edge in French roulette is dependant on the kind of bet in play. Money bets placed on odd numbers get a house edge of 2.70%, while even money bets receive a 1.35% house edge.

The betting options found in French roulette is similar to those found in other variations with the exception of ‘call bets’ applicable only in French roulette. Inside bets comprise of straight bets, split bets and corner bets, placed on single or adjacent numbers. Outside bets comprise of red/black or odd and even options. There are also column bets. Call bets refers to bets placed in a specific area of the wheel.

Lastly, the secret behind increasing one’s chances of a high payout comes with knowing which bets present the best odds and betting accordingly. Simply put, a successful straight bet payout is 35:1, a split bet pays out at 17:1 while a corner bet pays out at 8:1.

Colour bets, being red or black payout at 1:1. Odd and even bet payouts are 1:1 while column bets payout at 2:1.

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