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Roulette Royale and the Progressive Jackpot Feature

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Simply put, roulette royale is a replica of European roulette with the added feature of a progressive jackpot. It is also the only online roulette game with this feature. The game is produced by software development company, Microgaming.

Various other versions of the game exist, these include the classics American and French roulette, as well as alternative games like mini roulette. Mini roulette is a smaller, more compact version of the game, and is great for beginners.

In addition to roulette royale, the classics, and the alternative variations of online roulette, there are also modern variations which have been introduced in recent years. These include no zero roulette, multi-wheel roulette, double ball roulette and double action roulette. Each one comes with features unique to that specific game, and is just as nerve wrecking, yet thrilling as all the other types of roulette.

Find a Roulette Royale Casino

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Betting in Roulette Royale

Roulette royale uses the same roulette wheel and table layout, and has the same betting options found in the standard version of European roulette. These include all the inside and outside bets, as well as their respective payouts. The difference however, is that roulette royale has an additional Jackpot Side Bet which offers players an opportunity for even greater winnings.

The Jackpot Side Bet in Roulette Royale

This jackpot bet is made in addition to one’s usual inside and outside bets. What’s special is that it pays out whenever the same number comes up consecutively. The payouts for consecutive bets are as follows:


Number of consecutive spins on same number

Payout value


15 credits


200 credits


3000 credits


Roulette royale progressive jackpot!

Characteristics of the Progressive Jackpot

Just as the term suggests, the roulette royale progressive jackpot isn’t fixed, meaning it has no limit and the jackpot value accumulates with every play. But unlike the standard bet, a progressive roulette jackpot comes in the form of credits, not coins. As seen in the table above, each number of spins hold a certain credit value. However, five consecutive spins win you the progressive jackpot, which comes in the form of cash.

Roulette royale is also boundaryless, so players from all across the world, playing at various online casinos is able to view the progressive jackpot and stands an equal chance at winning. Should a lucky player win the jackpot, its value will return to nothing, and the accumulation process will begin all over again.

Another important aspect of the jackpot side bet is that its independent and is in no way related to the other bets you place. So, if you are an online casino player, and during your specific game the number 10 is the winning number five times in a row, that will make you the progressive jackpot winner and you are therefore eligible to receive the payout regardless of whether you placed a bet on the number 10. This unification of luck and coincidence during your game is essentially what makes you the progressive jackpot winner.

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