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Top Online Roulette Strategies

roulette-strategy-usaRoulette players often look for roulette strategies that will guarantee continuous winnings. Roulette, however, is a game of chance, therefore there are strategies that can be implemented to increase one’s chances of winning, but not necessarily guarantee a big win each time. One particular strategy that can be used to increase one’s chances of winning is the double street wager.

In this strategy, the casino player bets 6 casino chips per one spin with 2 chips on each of the double streets (as a wager). A chip is also placed on the corner and straight number bets. With this particular strategy, the casino player should keep in mind that they will lose all 6 chips if the number that was chosen does not win. The Double Street System should be used, however, as the strategy covers inside bets. These types of bets are very unusual for betting systems because, in the majority of them, this leads to losses not wins, but with the Double Street System, there is an ‘I can win’ element attached.

The Double Street System can be applied to both American and European Roulette. It has an inclusion of two double street bets, a straight-up number bet, and a quad wager. Essentially, the Double Street System covers 17 numbers, which is almost half in both roulette games. When wagering a double street, which covers a total fo 6 numbers, the payout is 5:1. Additionally, the corner bet is 8:1 and the straight-up bet, which is typically the most attractive bet in Roulette, pays 35:1.

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Top Two Roulette Strategies

Casino enthusiasts state that by using this strategy, it raises the chances of a casino player winning and potentially winning big in a game of Roulette, either online or off. Another strategy that can be used by casino players in the game of Roulette is the 5 Quad Strategy. In this strategy, the casino player makes a total of 6 wagers: 5 corner bets and 1 straight-up bet. With this strategy, the casino player chooses what corners they bet on as well as the straight-up bet. Following a wager, the casino player can see that 21 numbers are covered, which is in itself impressive. Basically, if the straight-up bet is in one of the corner bets, then the casino player has covered all bases. For example, let’s assume that one of the quad bets that the casino player wagered won. The casino player will then receive a total of 8 casino chips which is in accordance with the payout table even though the casino player loses 5 casino chips that were wagered on other spots. Essentially, the total profit overall is 3 casino chips.

It is important to note that these two strategies are not necessarily designed to provide big payouts, but rather small cash wins at the Roulette table given the intricacy and chance aspect of the table game. Casino enthusiasts, however, do recommend and suggest that they are beneficial strategies because they definitely increase one’s chances tremendously.

One of the most known betting systems that is used in the game of Roulette is on the outside bets. Casino players tend to prefer winning even money rather than losing on an inside bet. Red and black are the most popular bets that casino players tend to bet on as well as dozens and columns. There are a total of three different dozen bets on the Roulette table as well as three different columns by which the casino player can bet. Each of these covers roughly about a third of the Roulette table. There are two distinct strategies that casino players can use regarding the dozens and columns to maximize their winning potential.

top roulette strategies


Roulette Strategy 1

The first strategy deals with the casino player selecting a dozen, whichever one they prefer and betting on that. If the casino player loses, then there is a mathematical sequence that they are recommended to follow until they win noted as 1,2,3,4,6,9 and so on. As long as the casino player follows the numbers, it will undoubtedly yield them a decent profit. The disadvantage associated with this is that if the casino player does not obtain a win using the sequence, then they will have a substantial loss as a result. An additional disadvantage is that the casino player is only covering roughly about a third of the Roulette table and the casino player will more or less lose that in the long run if they stay with a certain strategy in the game. The second strategy deals with ensuring coverage of the table to avoid losses.

Roulette Strategy 2

In the second strategy, ff the casino player wants to cover more of the Roulette table, then they can bet on two dozens at the same time instead of one. This progression is very different from the first strategy’s progression as it is 1,3,9,27,81,243. This is considered by casino enthusiasts to be a rather steep sequence to follow, but there is an upside. The upside is that the casino player can cover more of the Roulette table in his or her betting and in turn potentially have a more exciting and entertaining time playing the game. These two strategies can work the same way with the column bets as well.

Some casino players tend to try different combinations of the two strategies to ensure that they can cover as much of the Roulette table as possible. The casino player can expect to find that they will have an equal amount of wins and losses by using this dozens and columns strategy. It is important as with all strategies for the casino player to determine how much they will bet and when they will cease utilizing this particular strategy. There are a variety of strategies that casino players can use in the game of Roulette.

It is essential that casino players learn and understand the particular strategy that they will be comfortable using in order to maximize their winning potential in the game of Roulette because each one has an abundance of pros and cons. These two strategies come in handy when playing the game of Roulette despite being somewhat complex to learn and understand.

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