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Scratch Card Game Rules

Scratch Card GamesWhat’s great about playing scratch cards online is the simplicity of the game. There aren’t any complicated scratch card rules to follow and everything is self-explanatory. Its availability online also makes it very accessible to everyone. Playing physical scratch cards is the more traditional method of play and is still exercised by many today.

The objective of the game stays the same regardless of whether you are playing scratch games online or through physical scratch tickets.

Essentially, all you do is scratch the ticket and follow the rules to see if you’ve won anything. With scratch cards is important to remember that each ticket has a specific game type which follows its own set of rules. To win while playing online, you must meet all the criteria set out to win for that specific game type.

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Basic Rules of the Game

One of the most basic rules that you need to know when playing online is how to wager. You do this by clicking the up or down arrows on your screen until you’ve reached the amount you would like to bet. You do the same thing when you want to decrease your wager size. Scratch card games are very affordable and the minimum bet amounts are usually very low, which makes playing scratch cards affordable everyone.

There are also different modes of playing scratch cards with rules attached to each method. These three methods are classified as auto scratch, manual scratch, auto play. The auto scratch function scratches the cards automatically as soon as you’ve set your wager amount and pressed play. The manual scratch option requires that you select the areas you want to scratch by yourself.

Playing manually is the closest you’ll get to playing an actual physical ticket. This is also the preferred mode for many players. Auto play offers a more hands-free experience and makes playing even more hassle free. With this mode all you have to do is place your wager and click the start button, the casino will then do the rest of the work for you. It also offers you some degree of control over your game by allowing you to pre-select how any rounds you want to play and how much you would like to wager on each round.

Online Scratch Card Rules

Buy Scratch Cards Online

Each scratch card must be purchased for their full value. The only exceptions are when they are handed out as free gifts, as part of a promotion or as a prize with the retailer’s consent. It is also your responsibility to check that the scratch card you have bought is not damaged or tampered with.

Online Scratch Card Winners

Players are responsible for keeping their scratch cards safe. To claim a prize, you need to present your scratch card to the relevant people. If you do not have the physical scratch card at hand, the ticket will not be paid out. Also, make sure you claim your full ticket the first time around.

Scratch Card Tickets

Generally, only one person can be the owner of a single scratch card. It’s always advisable that you write your name at the back of the scratch card to indicate possession. If you happen to lose your scratch card and another player picks it up, he or she will then have ownership over the ticket.
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