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Sic Bo Strategy for USA Players

Sic Bo Strategies

In a game of Sic Bo that is based on chance, patience is crucial to any form of gameplay. Having patience and following a defense rather than attack approach is important if you want to gain anything or make some money. The best odds in Sic Bo stand at 2.78%. Focusing on big, small and combination bets is one way to possibly overcome that edge. These three bets are also not complicated, making this a good sic bo strategy for first time, and less frequent sic bo players.

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Beginners Strategy

Big and small bets allow players to win more often than they would with any other bets. A small bet is when you predict and wager in the hopes that the outcome of all three dice will equal to a value between 4 and 10. Big bets are when you predict that the sum will be a value between 11 and 17. The odds of winning money when placing big bets are 1:1. This means that you risk losing less money placing a big bet than you would a small bet.

Combination bets on the other hand have a 2.77% house edge over the player. This is slightly lower than the odds found in big and small sic bo bets. This type of bet is placed on any two numbers on the three dice. For example, you can predict that two of the dice will show the numbers 2 and 4. You win if the result of the three dice is 2, 4 and 6. The payout ratio for this bet is 6:1. The medium risk strategy in sic bo is based on combination bets.

Big small and combinations bets are aimed at beginners, but not limited to them. Experienced players can also benefit from this approach to the game. Limiting your play to these three bets is a sic bo strategy that teaches fresh players to limit their financial losses, and helps them get familiar with the ins and outs of the game. For first time players, entering the game with a clear understanding of the rules of the game, and having a solid sic bo strategy helps with confidence levels and erases the confusion that comes with doing things blindly. Once you feel confident with this sic bo strategy, then you can move onto more advanced methods like the medium, or high roller sic bo strategies. The only downfall to this low risk approach is that it can start to feel competitive and may start to unsettle players that get bored easily. However, constant practice makes perfect and you will not advance your sic bo skills if you do not master the beginning stages of the game.

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Medium Risk Strategy

Only once you’ve mastered the low risk strategy should you move into the next best sic bo strategy- the medium, or balanced sic bo approach. Players who have reached this level of experience in the game are usually looking to get more out it and are willing to risk more to achieve that. The medium risk sic bo strategy encourages betting on sic bo numbers 9 and 12 because their payout value matches their probability. It pays out at a 6:1 ratio and the odds are 15 to 2. The method here is to chose a total and then combine the total with three double bets and play using this strategy. To balance the risk even more, you can try to choose doubles that have the highest possibility of winning just in case the total you’ve selected losses. For example, if you predict a total of 9, then a double 1 won’t win you anything. Similarly, if you predict a total of 12, then you wont win if a double 6 appears.

Betting on 9 and 12

As mentioned previously, the medium risk sic bo strategy favours betting on 9 and 12. Here’s how you should do it:

  1. Bet three units or chips on the prediction that 9 will be the total outcome of the three dice.
  2. Place two units or chips on double 1, 5 and 6.
  3. If you win following this approach, your return will be 21 units if a 9 total comes up or 22 unis if a double wins.
  4. When 12 is your total, bet three units on that total, and two units on double 1,2 and 6.
  5. If you win using this approach, your return will be 21 units if the 12 total appears and 22 units if a double wins.

High Risk Sic Bo Strategy

This sic bo strategy is aimed at high rollers and experienced players who want to secure big wins. This strategy favours betting on a total of 8 or 13 which consists of doubles and combinations and hopes to win three times with one roll. When you predict a total of 8, dice outcomes that consists of a double 4, 5 or 6 will not win because the total in this case would be more than 8. Winning totals would consist of a double 1, 2 or 5. It can also contain a combination of 3 and 2. Here’s how you should bet:

  1. Wager 3 units on a total of 8 and two units on a double 1,2 and outcome. This sic bo strategy may return 27 units if a total of 8 appears, and 22 units if a double wins. You will receive 12 units if the combination bet wins.
  2. To wager on a total of 13, you bet 3 units on that total, and 2 units on double 4,5 and 6.
  3. Additionally, you’ll bet 2 units on a combination of 4 and 5 to cover yourself in case these two numbers appear. This brings your overall wager amount to 11 units, which will pay out 27 unit if 13 wins, 22 units if a double wins and 12 units if the combination bet wins.

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