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A Few Sic Bo Tips

Best Sic Bo Tips USSic Bo tips help you play this uniquely created table game that offers a different and diverse change from the normal, traditional casino table games. In order to gain the most benefit from playing Sic Bo, there are certain types of strategies that casino players can employ and use. The following are a few tried and tested strategies that can assist when one is playing Sic Bo.

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1. Learning the game – Sic Bo is often thought of as being one of the most complex and intricate table games with a variety of betting options, but in fact, the game is quite easy to learn and understand and many casino enthusiasts contend that the game is similar to Roulette and easier to learn and play than Craps. Therefore, it is recommended to learn the rules of Sic Bo such as what each symbol and number means and the many combinations that evoke an impressive win.

2. Master the minimums – each Sic Bo table has a wagering requirement. That does not necessarily mean that the entire amount has to be bet in a single bet. This is often a kept secret that many casino players don’t know. It is usually advantageous and beneficial to casino players to make several different wagering combinations that total the minimum betting requirement. This way, the bets that are placed are spread, thereby reducing risk and increasing the payout potential.

3. Balance your betting – there is no strategy associated with wagering in Sic Bo, however, it is essential to balance the betting. This can help casino players win tremendously whenever they opt to play Sic Bo. For eample, the big and small on a Sic Bo board have the lowest house edge typically, so they can be included in one’s betting strategy when they play.

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4. The triples – if casino players are able to predict a single number that shows up on all three dice that is considered the largest and best win in the game of Sic Bo. This is a risky and often thought of as dangerous, wager, but nevertheless can yield a significant win of 180:1. Most casino players that play Sic Bo frequently tend to avoid this, but that does not mean that it cannot occur. It is recommended to never bet on a triple as the primary bet because it has high loss potential.

5. Luck does pay off – As quiet as it is kept, luck does work in table games – even Sic Bo. Sic Bo is usually full of surprises in terms of what is rolled and what hits, but that does not mean that lady luck will not shine on the casino player if they keep at it.

6. The totals – when casino players are looking at the payout table in the game of Sic Bo, it quickly reveals that the odds vary substantially. Therefore, understanding the top totals is definitely something that every Sic Bo player should consider especially given some totals have a higher payout margin than others.