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Book About SlotsPopular Books About Slot Machines

Slot machines are indeed a very popular casino game and the fact that authors have dedicated time to writing books about slots is testament to this. Out of all casino games, slot machines have developed the most over the years. The changes have made the game more visually appealing, more interactive, as well as more technologically advanced.

But, what’s the theory behind slot machines, who came up with the idea and is it possible to beat this machine? These are some of the topics that slot machine literature covers. Keep reading for answers to these questions and more.

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Literature About Slot Machines

The authors that have written slot books see the machine as more than just an enjoyable casino game. Many authors have used these machines as symbols of desperation, loss and risk. On a positive note, slot machines can also be seen as a token of hope, opportunity, a metaphor for defying the odds and ultimately overnight fortune. The idea that slot machines and other casino games can bring about easy fortune is also portrayed in movies themed about gambling.

However, apart from fictional books about slot machines, you also get published books that serve as practical guides on the game. In this type of literature, you may find explanations about the origins of the game, strategy to overcome the odds, and theories about how to win.

Top 5 Slots Books

Many books have been published on this topic. And, because we can’t list them all, we’ve narrowed it down to five of the best ones. Have a look at what they are below:

Books About Slots

Winning at Slot Machines (1985)

Winning at Slot Machines is a book written by Jim Regan back in 1985. The information in the book may be outdated now considering how much slot machines have changed over the years. But, at the time of publishing, his book offered valuable information to slot lovers at the time. In his book he talks about how to play smart, what the odds in the game are and how they payout. He also touches on the effectiveness of slot strategies, as well as the many myths and schemes about slot machine.

Winning at Slot Machines is only 100 pages long, so you’ll get through it quicky. But we don’t advise that this be the first book you read about slot machines. We suggest a more recent publication first for an updated perspective on slot machines available at land based and online casinos today.

Not Just Another Slot Machine Strategy System (2012)

Not Just Another Slot Machine Strategy System by Greg Elder is one of the more recent published books about slot machines. The author writes from experience after spending many years as a pro gambler. He then took all his acquired knowledge and put into books. He now has over 9 publications under his belt and is a well-credited commentator on all things gambling.

Not Just Another Slot Machine is less than 30 pages long and focuses on so claimed effective strategies to use on slots. In the book he advises against using systems that claim to know the secret to winning. Instead, he says players should focus on minimizing their loses over the long term over trying to get rich quickly.

He talks about effective money management and believes that using your money wisely, specifically through walking away when you’re losing, is one way to minimize loses.

Slot Machine Books

Reel History: A Photographic History of Slot Machines (2005)

This particular book about slot machines was written by a man named David Mead in 2005. The book serves more as an encyclopedia than anything else. The book is 456 pages long, and mostly contains images and graphical information about the design and functioning of a slot machine. The images used are a presentation of old antique slot machines so its of no use to players wanting to learn about modern machines.

Despite the outdated content used in the book, we happen to think it makes a unique coffee book addition. It may only feature traditional machines, but even those are interesting to look at.

Powerful Profits from Slots (2003)

Powerful Profits from Slots is another book about slots published by Victor Royer in 2003. In the book he details what every slot enthusiast wants to know most – how to secure big wins from playing slots. The topics he covers in the book includes payout patterns, the different types of slot machines including three-reel machines and your winning potential. He also touches on how to choose the right slot machine and discloses some of the slot machine secrets that he has uncovered over the years.

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