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Slot Myths

Slot MythsWhen playing online slots, there are a variety of assumptions that casino players take into playing that need dispelling. The following are some of the most known slots myths that are believed by casino players of all types.

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Slot Myths

1. The top jackpot is fixed – this is not necessarily the case. With progressive jackpots, the jackpot continually grows and as a result of this, the jackpot is thought not to grow. But, progressive jackpots are generally linked at a casino so that means that one particular slot game does not necessarily have to be played for the jackpot to grow.

2. Odds and house edge – the thought process is that table games have better odds than slots games, but this is not true. They are virtually the same in terms of luck and chance, so it becomes a matter of selection in play. Casino players generally should examine and assess the house edge and odds of each casino that they are considering. The myth here is that table games do not have the same odds, and thus, casino players undoubtedly win more often, but that is nothing more than mere myth.

3. Avoid video reels – video reels tend to pay back a percentage point or two than their physical reel counterparts. The thought process here is that casino players should avoid it because the payback is not sufficient. Smaller payouts, however, are better than larger payouts in some cases because smaller payouts amount to large payouts over time.

4. Progressives have horrible odds – one myth out there is that progressive jackpots do not ever provide a payout for the casino player. There is considerable analysis surrounding this myth that states that this is not the case. The odds among most, if not all slots games at online casinos tend to be somewhat the same, so the lousy is nothing more than a rumor as opposed to reality.

5. Playing at less stingy casinos – some online casinos tend to have better odds. Some of the top casinos online USA are noted as being more stingy but that is not necessarily the case. Casino enthusiasts argue that all casinos look out for themselves and the odds are not necessarily in the casino players’ favor at any of them.

6. Features mean better wins – while features afford casino players a variety of ways to win, they do not predict significant better opportunities at winning. The assumption here is that if the slots game has a wild, a scatter, free spins and multipliers than more money can wbe won than if the slots game only had a wild and a scatter. This is more of a thought than actual reality.

7. Playing machines that specify higher percentages yields significant wins – while these games tend to note that they pay higher percentages, they do not necessarily. Casino players will find that they have a much more meaningful experience by playing a variety of slots games as opposed to one in particular. The claims of high payback and the loosest slots are nothing more than gimmicks.