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Slot Machine Myths and Misconceptions

Slot MythsIf there is one thing that raises brows at casinos, it is slot machine myths. When playing online slots, there are various assumptions that that need dispelling.

Most of the slot machine myths stem from questions such as can slot machines be adjusted or are slot machines random. Some of the answers are completely untrue.

Well, which of these is a well-known myth about slot machines that is not true? Find out below. We look at some of the most known slots machine myths believed by players of all types.

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Top 7 Slot Machine Myths

The internet is filled with slot machine myths and facts of slot machines, and they have been around for a long time. However, when playing slots, it doesn’t matter what slot game myths you have heard as it could be untrue.

Instead, focus on improving your odds of winning.  With that, we have busted myths about slot machines below.

1.      The Top Jackpot Is Fixed

With online slots, the jackpot will be fixed or continually grows as more players spin the reels. Also, these slot jackpots are generally linked at a casino. So that means that if you play a slot that is not linked to the jackpot, you could easily assume that it is fixed.

2.      Slots Have the Worst Odds And House Edge

It is believed that table games have better odds than slots games, but this is not true. They are virtually the same in terms of luck and chance, so it becomes a matter of selection in play.

You should generally assess the house edge and odds of each slot gambling establishment before playing.

The myth here is that table games do not have the same odds, and thus, you undoubtedly win more often, but that is nothing more than mere myth.

3.      You Should Avoid Video Slots

Video reels tend to pay back a percentage point or two than their physical reel counterparts. Most slot machine myths say that you should avoid it because the payout percentage is not sufficient. Well, this is simply untrue.

4.      Progressives Have Horrible Odds of Winning

One myth out there is that progressive jackpots do not ever provide a payout for you. There is considerable analysis surrounding this myth that states that this is not the case. The odds among most, if not all slot machine games tend to be somewhat the same.

5.     Do Casinos Manipulate Slot Machines

Some gambling establishments tend to have better odds and players are quick to assume that the casino has manipulated its slots. When in fact, that casino just has less favorable odds. Casino enthusiasts argue that all online casinos look out for themselves and the odds do not necessarily favor you.

slot machine myths


6.      Features Mean Better Wins

While features afford you various ways to win, they do not predict significantly better opportunities at winning. The slot machine myths that slot features mean more money can be won is more of a thought than actual reality.

7.      Slot Machines Are Programmed

Most people think slots are programmed to have hot or cold streaks. This is incorrect. Yes, slots are programmed. However, it has nothing to do with the temperature of coins or ways of pushing the button.

Each time you press the spin button the slots Random Number Generator (RNG) starts to work. The RNG makes sure that each spin is unique, completely random and in no way related to the previous spins.

8.      Does Using A Player’s Cards Affect Slot Machines

No! This is one of the slot machine myths where people think playing with a player’s card somehow reduces their chances of winning. This is untrue. The casino uses the slots club card to reward their loyal slots players with extra playing money or trips.


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