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Best Progressive Jackpot USA

Online-Progressive-JackpotPlaying online slots for a Progressive Jackpot isn’t for the faint-hearted. Apart from players needing a little luck Progressive Jackpot slots also require US players to dip into their bankroll and bet using the max betting coin. Real money slots at online casinos are often much more significant than what you will find at land-based casinos. If you ever need a little motivation to place a bet at a progressive slot look no further than the jackpot tracker.

We cannot speak about Progressive Jackpot slots without mentioning Mega Moolah. The online slot has seen Progressive Jackpot winners walking away with millions every single year. We don’t want you to miss out on the action any longer. So, we have put together a guide to help you score big at progressive slots and possibly become the next online slot millionaire.

If you have ever played at the US casinos, either online or at a regular one, you have undoubtedly come across the progressive jackpot slot machine. Progressive slot machines or progressive jackpot machines as they are known by offer jackpots that are larger than the average slot machine.

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What are Progressive Jackpots?

In a nutshell, Progressive slots are regular online slots that offer the player a chance to win a huge jackpot. A Progressive Jackpot is not fixed to a certain amount or number credits. Progressive Jackpot slots are the only slot games that frequently offers players millions of dollars, including massive jackpots. Progressive slots are found as standalone machines in online casinos, or they are networked across multiple affiliated casinos (networked jackpots).

If you are looking to play for better odds, Non-progressive slots are perfect. The jackpot prize is set and does not grow per bet set like it a Progressive Jackpot would. If the non-Progressive Jackpot is set at a million us dollars, you will be winning million us dollars and no more.

The big progressive jackpot is created by taking a percentage of all of the money that has been played into the machine. Essentially, this means that the progressive jackpot grows as more and more people play that machine or those machines until someone wins the top award or prize. As the percentage of coins or credits played for the jackpot itself, the payout percentage is always less on the other winning symbols and in some cases, the payback percentage on the progressive jackpot machines is less than the actual slot machines. It is important to note, however, that not all progressive jackpot slot machines are the same. There are actually three different types: the stand-alone progressive, the proprietary progressive and what is known as the wide-area progressive.

How to win Progressive Jackpot Slots

It is essential to know when to play. You should consider playing at slot machines that provide the best payouts from small bet investments. Playing slots when the Jackpot is nice and big increases your odds of winning. Most progressive slots are looking to make players who bet big win big. But before you go all in, make sure that you have the read payout tables and that you do not exceed your bankroll. Remember that slots are based on luck and that there is a chance at losing.

Every casino player who has ever played a progressive slot machine has envisioned themselves winning that enormous jackpot, but does that mean that other slot machines are not as good? Certainly not – but progressive jackpots should not be avoided because you may be the lucky winner. It has often been said that the odds of winning a progressive jackpot are astronomical, but as long as you, the casino player have realistic expectations, go ahead and take the plunge and give the progressive jackpot slots a try. Progressive slots are usually together in a network (this is both online and off).

Benefits of Playing Progressive Slot Machines

The slots jackpot increases with every new game until there is a winner. Each time a player spins the reel, a percentage of their bet is but into the Jackpot causing it to grow massively. Once someone wins the slot resets and starts all over again. The chance of winning big at a progressive slot has to be the most exciting and life-changing spin to made at any online slot machine.

The stand-alone progressive is not linked to any of the other progressive machines. In this case, the jackpot is solely fixed to that particular machine. Instead the machine or game has a meter on the front of it that shows the jackpot. The payout is typically equal to the other slot game machines of that particular denomination but it just distributed a little differently to provide the casino player with a varying amount for the grand prize. Progressive jackpots for machines or games that are considered stand-alone are usually much lower than those that are linked.

Proprietary progressives are machines that are linked together and typically both owned as well as operated by the casino itself. These progressives may be solely at any one of the top paying online casinos or they may be connected with several different casinos if the company owns more than one casino. The jackpots for these machines may not be of substantial multi-million variety but they can provide decent winnings at many casinos. These types of progressives tend to hit more often than the wide-area progressives. The wide-area progressive is considered to be the life-changing slot for the casino enthusiast. These slot machines are linked together by many casinos that are unrelated. These types of slot machines are operated by independent companies rather than a single gaming company. The jackpots tend to be huge in the case of wide-area progressives as is the chance of hitting the big prize. Due to the cost associated with linking these types of machines, the percentage payback on the machines is usually much smaller than the other types of slots.

FAQs About Progressive Jackpots Online

How Often are Progressive Jackpots won?

Jackpots are won depending on the gambling odds. If an online progressive slot has not been won in weeks, spend time playing on it as there this is a one in a million chance that it could be your lucky day.

How are Progressive Jackpots paid?

Progressive Jackpot winnings are accumulated from a small percentage form the casino and the rest are from player bets.

Is it worth it playing progressive slots?

The thrill of knowing that when you play real money, you could win a life-changing cash prize is worth every luck spin.

Can I play a free progressive slot?

Yes, most online slots offer free progressive slots where you play for coins rather than real money.
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