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US Farm themed slots

Grab your straw hat and spade because farm slots are some of the popular slots in the United States. The slots take players into the farms where the air is lighter, and the cute animal farms have lunch on the backyard. Farm themed slots are a great way to make money while knee-deep in mad or out planting seeds for the next harvest.

The grand old saying ‘don’t count your eggs before they hatch’ does not apply on these farms.  The slots offer great bonuses and free spin features.

Farm slots are trendy amongst American players. The graphics on the games are bright, fun and detailed. Picture the red farmhouses, green fields, detailed haystacks and comic animals. The sounds of the slots remind us of popular farm-themed movies such as Babe, Charlotte’s web and animal farm. One may argue that the slots look slightly childish. However, the advanced features bring an adult like spin to the slots.

Best Farm Slots Casino Sites 2019

Farm slot features.

Finding a farm slot that has no wilds or scatters is rare. Most farm styled slots offer players numerous opportunities to make money. The slots have fun scatters, wilds and bonus rounds. The video farm themed slots have animated symbols which move around when you win. Such joy can be found on Janes Farm and Arrows edge slot. The farm slot is one of the popular slots in the US. Janes Farm offers free spins, progressive jackpots and chicken coop bonuses. The best bit is that a game is available on mobile phones

Best Farm Slots USA

Top 5 Farm Themed Slots 2019

Overview of Farm Slots

Farm Slots are the perfect getaway to the countryside. The slots offer great graphics, generous bonuses, cool animations and background sounds that are simply perfect. To find fun farm slots players have to pick slots from popular software providers, check the rating, bonuses and jackpots. You may not be able to enjoy the fruit of your harvest physically; however, when you cash in from your slot, you may be able to book your trip to the countryside.

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