Do Mystery Slots Have Anything in Common?

Most obviously, they share a theme, but they also share a quest. Whether you’re looking for clues or a way out, it’s pretty common in mystery slots. After all, they’re based on basic human instincts. We all have a lot of curiosity and a desire to survive. Sometimes, these themes will overlap with horror slots, but not in a clear way.

In many cases, these slots will also share the usual features of other games. There will be bonus symbols, scatter symbols, 2x multipliers, wild symbols and many others. If you lovef a good murder mystery party, then these games are well-suited. These are also considered high paying online slot games with improved bonus features.

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Are There Many Sherlock Holmes Slots?

As one of the most famous detectives in history, Sherlock Holmes is a common character in mystery slots. If there’s a video slot maker in the industry, they have at least one themed around Holmes. Sherlock Reel Mystery is a popular choice for people who want a high limit free game to try. Playtech also recently adapted two of Sherlock Holmes movies into slots.

What are Some Other Good Mystery-Themed Slots?

A few of our top choices are Ecuador Gold, Temple of Treasure Mega ways, The Shadow Rider, and the ever-popular oriental themed slot: The Orient Express. These mystery slots will usually feature classic sleuthing items and card symbols in their win lines.

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Where Can I Play Mystery Slots?

We’ve listed our favorites casino websites above, and they all offer 50+ mystery slots. Playing them for real money or free is pretty easy, and they have plenty of promotions. So, you can’t possibly get bored online. If you do, there’s always a new mystery-themed slot to try. Some of them may also have progressive jackpots. Just set your line bet and get ready to tip the balance of fortune in your favor.

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