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Video poker is a game that comes in many forms in an online casino. It is fun, fast-moving, and can pay off with big jackpots. It is also, for the most, a game that is familiar to most people, whether they have an extensive gaming background or not.

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Video Poker Rules

Video poker, as we mentioned, comes with a number of different variations. Most of these variations concern the rank of hands in relation to various payouts, or wild cards that might be in play. For example, in the video poker variation "Deuces Wild," the two (2) or "Deuce" is wild, meaning that it can be used to complete winning combinations. This is important to remember, because in other variations of video poker, the two means very little, unless it is part of a straight or flush.

Generally speaking, each variation of video poker has a different pay table that lists the winning hands you could have and what the payout for achieving that hand is. For the most part, a "Natural Royal Flush" is going to be the most lucrative hand, because it consists of a 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of the same suit, without any help from wild cards.

The process is that you will decide how many coins your bet will consist of, and then you will click the "Deal" button. At that point you will be dealt five cards. Then you'll decide which cards you are going to "Hold" and which ones you are going to let go. You press the "Hold" button in front of the cards you're keeping. The program gives you as many new cards as you discarded, and then the hand plays out.

Video Poker Strategy:

Certainly the basis of any strategy in video poker is that you are going to try to keep cards that can help you and get rid of cards that can't help you. That means in a game of Jacks or Better you're not going to hold onto a two (2) in the hopes of making a pair, because that pair doesn't matter. On the other hand, if you're playing Deuces Wild, those 2's are gold. So you are certainly not going to get rid of them.

Many people remember playing five-card draw in casual home games, and the principles are obviously the same in many forms of video poker. However, for those people who are just getting started in video poker, or don't want to learn strategy, they can turn on an automation program (depending on the software provider) that makes a mathematically sound decision.

Video Poker Tips:

Here are some tips to help you enjoy your online video poker sessions: