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Video Poker Machines in the US

Video Poker Machines are so easy to use that they are often mistaken for slot machines. Any experienced casino game player will tell you that these two machines are entirely different. The video poker machines are designed to provide players with easy playing access so they can focus on their gameplay. Video poker machines are so easy to handle that even ordinary poker beginners can try their luck. Another difference between slot machines and video poker machines is that video poker requires more strategy and skill while slots are all about poker machines usaVideo poker has a low edge, and to cash in, players have to consider every hand to maximize their returns. The video poker machine is interactive, which draws many casino goers. Before you get started on playing video poker, it is essential to know what the machine looks like, what each button does, where do you slot in your quarter and if you can play multiple hands on the machine. Read our guide to gain more knowledge on the typical video poker machine.

Top USA Video Poker Casino Sites

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Basics of Video Poker Machines

Any beginner would be confused walking into a brick-and-mortar casino and finding that online video poker machines are built similarly to slot machines. Some machines offer both games and players can choose which one they would rather play. The machine has a screen, a candle and the glass. The glass will often contain the name of the machine as well as the manufacturer. The display screen will display the payout table, the cards and other information. The candle is the cylindrical light on top of the machine. A part of the light is coded to visualize the currency player can bet on the machines. Each currency will have its own colour. For example, nickels could be a yellow light or quarters a will be a blue light.

The video poker machine using a stimulated standard deck of cards. The player will then have to choose how many coins they would like to play with.  A variety of buttons on the machine will be used to play the game.

Video Poker Machine Buttons

The buttons we are discussing are in the order a player would generally need to use them. The buttons may be named differently on different machines; however, the names are hardly that different from what we have below.

  1. ‘Bet one’ or ‘Bet Max’ buttons: the ‘bet one credit’ is pressed once for each time the player bets one coin. The ‘Bet Max’ button is pressed if the player intends on betting the maximum number of coins.
  2. Deal or Draw buttons: this button is used to receive their first hand. The button can also be used to view the cards that they choose to keep. The player’s new hand will be displayed ion the screen.
  3. Hold button: the hold button is used when the player cards have been dealt. The player has an option to hold or replace cards. The player will have to press on the cards that they would like to hold on to. The selected cards will be labelled ‘held,’ and if the player wishes to discard the remaining cards or card, they will not press on the hold button.
  4. Cash Out button: once the players game is finished and they don’t intend on beginning a new hand. The player can give the cash out button a push and it the money will drop into the try, or a cash ticket will be dispensed.
  5. Change or Call Attendant button: the newer video poker machines have a change button whereby once it is pushed the candle colour will change and indicate that player needs service.
video poker machine features

Video Poker Machines with Multiple Hands

The newer video poker machines offer players the opportunity to play multiple hands. These machines are knowns as multi-line or multi-play machines. Most of the machines are touch screen machines with the same buttons that players would find on conventional video machines. Players can change the speed of their games; each hand uses its own deck of cards, and each hand will receive its own payout.

The Random Number Generator

Many players believe that the RNG simply shuffles virtual cards and displays them on the display screen. That is correct; however, much more goes into that. The RNG is programmed to select five random numbers. The numbers are set out as a combination of numbers within a prearranged range. After the first deal, the random number generator will continue producing number combinations. If a player chooses to discard cards, the RNG is programmed to replace the cards that been discarded. There are tons of myths surround video poker machines such as the RNG servings similar cards on the draw or player who be the maximum bet will receive better hands. These are all untrue. The RNG is programmed to deal random numbers. It would be quite a job of the casino to continuously programme the RNG to serve better hands for specific bets.

The Paytable

Each video poker machine displays a payout table. The chart will display information about what the expected return is of a game. The chart will contain a row with the winning combinations and rows with the expected payout for each bet. The different video poker machines will have various pay charts set according to the casino.

Progressive Video Poker Machines

Progressive video poker games mean that video poker machines are linked. A certain amount of the bets made is used to boost the standard jackpot. Once a player wins the jackpot will be reset to an initial value. To qualify for the big jackpot players, need to bet the maximum amount of coins.

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