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Best AFL Odds

afl odds usaAFL odds are the numbers that explain to players the probability of their wager coming true. The FL betting odds are often released in decimal or fraction formats, all depending on the sportsbook the player chooses to bet at. The Australian football league isn’t merely the heart of Australian sporting. However, it is also a popular league amongst us bettors. Part of its popularity is due to the numerous betting option which is available in all the rounds.

Making a decent return on your wager will require players to understand all the AFL odds. This includes being able to read the AFL betting odds as well as playing at a sportsbook that offers the best odds and has your best interest in mind. Online betting USA
provides players with a chance at making some loads of cash when choosing and standing by the best AFL odds in the USA. Our team of sporting experts have come together to guide you through all there is to know about AFL odds.

Top USA AFL Sportsbooks

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Choosing an AFL Betting Site

Finding an AFL betting site that is regulated and safe to play is important. The betting site has to adhere to rules and regulations of its jurisdictions. Players have to place every sportsbook they paly at through a stagnant check. To make life easier for you, each sportsbook we have mentioned above has gone through a thorough strict review process. Some of the important info players need to look out for apart from licensing include:

  • Various betting markets and odds for each game.
  • Bonuses and promotions such as welcome bonuses for new players as well as regular punters.
  • Various banking methods for both deposits and withdrawals.
  • Good customer service with various means of contact information.

AFL Odds Explained

There are countless ways to bet on AFL matches. Our experts guide you through some of the most popular betting lines.

AFL Moneyline

Moneyline bets are the most popular bets made in the AFL. Players are making a wager solely on who will win the game.

Generally, in money lines betting on the underdog will see players receive big payouts in comparison with betting on the spread on the favorite.

The underdog will have a positive AFL odds value, such as +190. The favorite will have a negative AFL odds value, such as -190.

Point spread in AFL

The points spread assigns a betting line that a team is either chosen to win by or expected to lose by. The favorite will have a negative betting line such as -5.5, and that is the team expected to win by 5.5 points. Positive betting lines such as +5.5 specify that the team is an underdog, and it is predicted that they will lose by 5.5 points.

The favorite (-7.5) must then win with six points or more to cover the spread. The underdog can then lose by five points or less and still cover the spread.

AFL Totals

Totals are also known as Over/Under. The bet is on an expected combined score of both teams in the game. Bettors must decide if the total points scored in the game will be higher or lower than the total. Note: overtime is included in a total.

In a game between Richmond and Carlton with 188.5 points, if players place an under bet, they are hoping that the game will end on 188 points or less. If the player placed an over bet, they are hoping the game will end on 189 points or more.

Other AFL Betting Odds Formats

There are various AFL betting odds formats that players can come across. We explain the formats below as the last thing we want is player to miss out on playing the best odds as they were displayed in a format they didn’t understand.

The American AFL odds format will be displayed with positive and negative signage. The negative sign indicates how much the player needs to bet make a profit of $100. A -180 on the West coast eagles means will players will have to make a 180 wager to make a profit of $100. With this bet, players will walk away with $280 A positive sign indicated how much profit the player will make from a $100 wager. A +80 on the Brisbane Lions will see players make a profit of $80 on a $100 wager. Player will; walk away from the bet with 180.

Fraction AFL odds format places the odds in a fraction. The odds will be displayed as Adelaide football club at 3/5. A $100 bet could make players a profit of $60. To calculate the return, players divide 3 by 5 and multiply by $100.

AFL decimal odds formant is when the odds are displayed using decimal points odd for the Sydney swans would be displayed as 1.60. A $100 wager would give players a return of $160, which is a $60 profit.

Best AFL Odds Markets

The AFL has great betting markets players can take part in apart from the ordinary odds available to us bettors. The po0pular AFL betting markets include:

Winning Margins: Players have to select the correct winning margin. The market includes choosing which team will win as well as how many points the team will win by

Head-to-Head: this particular AFL odds Market requires players to choose who they think will win the game. If the correctly selected team wins, the player will win the bet.

First Goal Scorer: choose the AFL player or AFL team you think will kick the first goal of the game. You will win the bet if you guess correctly.

AFL Line Betting: AFL Line betting is when the player places a bet handicap on one of the teams by choosing a margin to level the game for both sides.

Special AFL Odds

The special AFL odds place players betting skills and strategies to the test. The AFL betting margins are lots of fun and require bettors to be follow the league. Some of the special AFL odds include:

  • AFL Rising Star Bet – Punters will bet on the AFL player that will be voted the best AFL rookie player.
  • Brownlow Medal Bet – A bet is placed on the player bettors think will be voted the best player throughout the 22-round season.
  • In-play Betting – In-play betting lets plyers Place wagers on the AFL matches as the game is played live. The odds also change in real-time.
  • John Coleman Medal Betting – the John Coleman medal is a bet on the leading goal-scoring player.
  • Norm Smith Medal Bet – Players will bet on the AFL Grand final best player.

AFL Outright Odds

The AFL outright odds can be placed on either the top 8 or grand final winners. The AFL top 8 outright odds are set according to which eight teams will play in the footy. Footy odds make AFL betting experience fun and are bets that players can take advantage of for great returns. The grand final season winner outright is a bet that can be made on who you think will be the ultimate winner of the season. The grand final AFL outright odds are available before the season begins.

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