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Formula 1 Betting in the US

"The Formula 1 betting market is a growing market that offers US bettors an exciting, competitive and fast-paced experience in the professional sports league. F1 is one of the most-watched sports in the world. Bettors are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing drivers, races and different bets to work with. There are endless money-making possibilities in the F1 Grand-Prix if you understand what is going on.

As easy as it may seem to simply choose who the winner of the championship or single race will be, there a few things bettors have to learn and understand about how to bet on formula 1 before placing all their money into Lewis Hamilton at the Formula 1 Rolex British Grand Prix 2019. Race track betting is not difficult to understand; our guide will equip bettors with all there is to know about betting on the F1 at online casinos accepting US players. There is pending legislation in almost 17 states in terms of Online Formula one betting. Bettors can take part in the fast and furious F1 betting world in states that allow online betting such as Delaware, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

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Formula 1 Super Teams

There are ten formula 1 teams and 20 drivers in championships. Each team has two participating cars in 21 Grand Prix across the world. Bettors have to know which driver belongs to which team as well as the latest statists from each team before placing bets. The teams include Alfa Romeo (Switzerland), Ferrari (Italy), Haas (USA), McLaren (UK), Mercedes (Germany), Racing Point (UK), Red Bull (Austria), Renault (France), Toro Rosso (Italy) and Williams (UK). Ferrari has won the championship 16 times followed by Williams and McLaren. Some of the best drivers formula 1 sport betting such as Lewis Hamilton belong to Mercedes and Sebastian Vettel who is part of the Ferrari team.

Popular Formula One betting Markets

  • Top 3 market is which top three drivers will have a podium position at the end of the race
  • Fastest Lap focuses on the single race driver who will have the quickest time in an individual race
  • Pole Position is a popular market where a bet is made on which driver will have the pole position during the Grand Prix qualifying portions.
  • Race Winner bets are placed on who will win the race
  • Constructors Championship Winner are open during the year and are based on the seasons’ top team
  • Drivers’ Championship Winner is a bet placed on the world’s top driver.
  • Points Finish is a bet placed on whether the driver will finish the race in one of the top ten positions.
  • Driver Matchups are one of the most exciting wagers as they require bettors to place bets on which two race drivers will finish in the higher ranking in an upcoming race. If the driver you picked finishes above the other driver you win.
  • Prop Bets are a fantastic source of profit as the bets suggest what will happen (or not happen) in a race.

F1 betting Championship

The race track action starts with two 90- minute practice sessions on Thursday and Friday before the race.  Saturday is the Qualifying race day. Qualifying is a three-stage knockout with high betting markets. The race is the most essential element of Formula 1, which happens on a Sunday. The Grand Prix is usually a distance of 305 kilometers or less in a maximum of two hours.

Formula 1 Betting Strategies

Placing bets is straightforward; however, winning a sports bet requires bettors to think beyond the race track.


Checking the weather conditions and altering your wager accordingly. Remember a slight drop of rain on a race track during the race could cause some serious havoc. The driver’s performance during poor weather can help with your betting strategy.


The tyre characteristics manufacture, the teams’ tyre strategy, and drivers racing style are a few aspects to consider.

Driver Position

Taking a look at the driver’s position as well as the race track results are important in F1 betting. A driver’s pole position gives insight into how well the driver will do in a race.

Team Strategy

As much as the driver is the critical element to placing your formula 1 bet the drivers’ team strategy is also important. Teams are always looking to have an advantage over their competitors with more tactical car setups, pitstops, and tyre strategies.

Track Characterises

Each racing tracks different, and when placing f1 bets, bettors have to take the driver’s capabilities and track character into mind. Will the driver have plenty of overtaking opportunities, are there high braking zones on the track as well as the number of speed corners that require car balance.

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