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Casinos are governed by several laws. The goal is to ensure that all internet and brick-and-mortar casinos are well-regulated. These regulations provide protection against rogue casinos. However, there are a few peculiar casino rules that we have encountered throughout the years. Some of these laws were absolutely required. However, some of them went too far. Here are five casino laws that we found both unusual and entertaining. Among them are:

Strangest Casino Rules Around the World

1.     Bingo Games Have a Time Limit

North Carolina has imposed a time limit on bingo games, with a break if they are played consecutively. As a result, there is a five-hour time limit and a 48-hour gap between consecutive games. Unfortunately, this law makes it difficult to play bingo in the state for two consecutive days. Furthermore, the North Carolina law prohibits more than two games every week. We all know bingo is a fun game, so why would their state enact so many regulations? To begin with, the state is attempting to prohibit commercialized bingo gaming in the state. Bingo games can only be held by charity and non-profit organizations that have appropriate bingo licenses.

2.     Gambling While Naked

This law will irritate nudists. Oklahoma prohibits women from gambling in casinos while dressed in lingerie or a bath towel. You must be properly clothed if you wish to enter and play casino games as a lady. This Oklahoma statute has been implemented. Perhaps things will change in the future, but for now, that is the situation. Stripping is banned in Oklahoma if it helps. But do guys have the option of turning up at the casino in a bath towel? Yes, there are no rules about men rocking up to casinos in towels.

3.     Gambling on Sunday

Certain casino games are not permitted to be played on Sundays in Alabama. Playing cards, racing, hunting, shooting, and other forms of gambling are among these games. This means that playing card games like poker, baccarat, or even blackjack on Sunday is illegal under the state’s penal code. If you’re detected, you could face steep fines, so it’s better to either leave the state or save up money to play your favorite casino games on another day.

4.     In Monte Carlo Casino, Locals Are Not Allowed to Gamble.

Monaco residents are not permitted to gamble at their own country’s casinos. Instead, Monégasques are choosing to gamble in casinos outside of their home country. Yes, Monte Carlo Casino is one of the world’s largest and most expensive casinos, yet it is solely open to visitors. Locals are not allowed to enter the casino unless they work there.

5.     Gambling Laws in Kentucky

Gambling and casino games are illegal in Kentucky. There are no land-based or internet casinos in this area. This is where it gets interesting since you can sue casinos for losses exceeding $5. If you lose more than $5 at an online casino, you have six months to sue the casino under the law. Anyone can take up the case after six months and request up to three times the amount lost. We don’t know what else the government could do to keep gaming out of the state if this isn’t it.


6.     In Japan, Online Casinos Are Prohibited

Japan’s gambling laws prohibit practically all forms of gambling. In general, playing casino games, whether online or in person, is prohibited in Japan. It is fueled by Japanese culture and tradition. They do, however, allow various forms of betting, raising questions about the “gambling ban.” Sports betting, lotteries, and Pachinko, a Japanese slot machine game, are among the exclusions. You can also gamble on horse races and automobile races. This type of gambling is completely legal, although all other types of gambling are prohibited.


These rules may appear bizarre, but they serve an important purpose in keeping the gaming industry in order. In addition, different regions may have a variety of strange laws. So, the next time you’re in a new place, check out the casino rules before you play. This will prevent you from giving up your money due to government fines. Follow the rules and play your favorite casino games from top US casino sites online. They offer the best bonuses, games and the rules are not outrageous.