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Blackjack Terms in the USA

Playing a blackjack game isn’t only about the rules. Knowing and understanding the basic Blackjack terms places you above the rest. As a new player, the slang being used at the table may confuse you and possibly throw you off. Familiarizing yourself with the table lingo will help you know exactly what is going on in the game and help you catch on to the other players’ strategy.

blackjack terms usaBlackjack is a popular casino card game which you will find in most brick and mortar casinos likewise in online casinos. Avoiding the game because you don’t quite understand the jargon is no longer necessary. We have put together a blackjack gambling glossary which has all the essential blackjack terms explained. These definitions will help you know the casino game better. Take your time acquainting yourself with the terms and strategies before playing online blackjack for real money or fun. Use our guide as a reference to make your blackjack experience as painless as possible.

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Top Blackjack Glossary

  • 21: Another name for Blackjack
  • Blackjack: Is a natural win of two cards usually this hand consists of an Ace and a ten, jack, queen or kind
  • Bust/break: Is when you acquire a hand of 2 or more cards which go over a total of 21.
  • Bankroll: This is the amount of money you commit to playing a blackjack game
  • Banker: Is responsible for all the betting and payment throughout the game.
  • BettingLimit: Are the betting limitations of each casino. Each table will have a minimum and maximum betting amount.
  • CardCounting: Happens when a player takes account of the value of the cards that have been dealt and discarded to help figure out the likelihood of the next card to be drawn.
  • CutCard: Is the card used to cut the deck after the dealer has shuffled the deck. The card is usually coloured plastic card.
  • Deal: Is when the dealer hands out cards to the players at the table
  • Dealer: A casino employee who is responsible for handing out the blackjack cards and the running of the game.
  • Deck: The name given to the pile of cards used to play the game. In Blackjack, the deck has 52 playing cards
  • DoubleDown: Is the option to double your bet with the requirement that the player gets dealt an additional card.
  • Hand: Is the cards players are dealt.
  • Hardhand: A hand that does not include an ace or contains more than one ace which counts as one point
top blackjack terms usa
  • HeadtoHead: Also known as Heads Up or Heads on is when the player only plays against the dealer
  • HighRoller: Is a player that bets typically with large amounts of money.
  • Hit: Is when you request another card from the dealer
  • HoleCard: Is the dealer’s card which is placed face down which players cannot see
  • Insurance: Is an optional bet made by players when the dealer is a showing an ace
  • Latesurrender: Happens when players surrender after the dealer ha checked for Blackjack
  • Natural: Is jargon for Blackjack
  • Push: Is when both you and the dealer have hands with the same points. The player neither loses or gains any winnings.
  • Shoe: Is a place or box that holds the deck of cards
  • Single-Deck: Is when the game is played with a single deck.
  • Soft hand: Is a hand that include an ace that can be counted as 11 points.
  • Split: Happens when you have been dealt two cards with the same value. You can split the hand to make two hands, which will each play with their bet.
  • Stand: When you are happy with your hand and do not require more cards.
  • Surrender: Happens when you give up and you will lose half of your bet.
  • Unit: Is the minimum or standard bet amount
  • Upcard: The dealer’s card which all players can see
  • Wager: Is another word for bet

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