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best keno terms usaKeno Terms USA

Over the years, Keno has become a favorite game among American gamblers around the world. That’s because of its large jackpot prizes. Learning the games rules is not that difficult so make sure that you are familiar with the keno terms before you bet. Some of the terms come from China. The Keno game was played by Chinese immigrants to the United Stated. We provide the terms and definitions below.

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Keno Terms

Before you turn in your keno board for a pool table try learning how to play online keno. We know that keno may seem like complicated version of playing online lottery games however, it is just as easy. To make playing king keno hassle free here is a list of the basic gambling terms for keno that US players can have a look at:

  • Blower – a bowler is a machine that is used to draw winning numbers. The balls are blown through a tube and the numbers which have been picked are said by the operator.
  • Boc Hop Bu – this is the 19th century name for keno.
  • Bubble – a container that has keno balls and at times called a hopper.
  • Caller – a person who works at the casino and calls out the winning numbers.
  • Cage – a container that carries the keno balls which are drawn during the game.
  • Draw Sheet – an argument on the outcome of bets between a punter and the bookmaker.
  • Better – a set of numbers are drawn in the previous drawing. There will be holes in the digits which have been drawn.
  • Drawing – a draw is a group of numbers drawn which appear during the game. The numbers which are drawn are the winning numbers.
  • High End Tickets – this ticket pays for a large amount of numbers that are caught.
  • Hit – the winning numbers a player has chosen in the game.
  • House Edge – this is the casinos advantage in the game. The keno house edge is shown to players as a percentage.
  • Keno All or Nothing – the keno ticket only pays if you select all the digits you choose or no numbers chosen are picked.
  • Keno Board – a scoreboard that shows numbers as they are drawn.
  • Keno Counter – wagers are made on the keno counter and winnings are received.
  • Keno Lounge – an area in the casino where players play keno.
  • Keno Runner – a person who works at the casino takes keno tickets and pays winnings.
  • Keno Writers – people who are employed at the casino. They write wagers, print tickets and pay winners.
top keno terms usa
  • King – keno is about choosing numbers and when players select a single number they are referred to as king.
  • Keno King Ticket – a ticket that has one or a couple of kings.
  • Keno Way Combination Tickets – a ticket for wagers players make on the chosen digits.
  • Live Keno – Land-based games with multiple players in which drawings are live, as opposed to RNG keno at an online site.
  • Limit – this is the maximum cash a casino pays to the winners.
  • Multi-Game Ticket – a ticket which can be used on more than one drawing.
  • Net Win – the remaining winning amount after subtracting the price of the original ticket.
  • Number Pool – the range of digits which players can select for betting. The basic numbers pool offers a range of one to eighty.
  • Odds – the probability an outcome. Players should consider the odds if they want to win the game.
  • Online Keno – Keno played on the Internet, using a random number generator to determine results. The keno runner and writer will then fall away as the entire game is played electronically.
  • Payout Schedule – the chart which shows how much each winning combination pays. Also called the payout table.
  • Progressive Jackpot – Similarly to progressive jackpots in slots. The Keno top prize goes up with each drawing that a prize isn’t won. There is no restriction to this jackpot.
  • Quick Pick – tickets that are selected by an electronic device rather than a player.
  • Race – a single keno drawing.
  • Spots – players select a number that ranges from one to eighty. The ticket becomes expensive the more numbers a player selects. A player’s chances of winning increase this way.
  • Straight Keno – players pick numbers on a ticket.
  • The Call – an intercom announces the winning numbers.
  • The House – this is another name for a casino.
  • Video Keno – Online keno is almost the same as video keno, both games need a random digit generator to give the outcome. The video keno payout chart will show players the catch and the return percentage.
  • Way –a wager on the ticket which shows more than one bet.
  • Way Ticket – Unlike Keno Way Combination Tickets, with way tickets the numbers chosen are put in a set for two separate bets.
  • Winning Numbers – the twenty digits drawn out of eighty numbers.

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