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USA Scratch Card Terms

Scratch cards have grown to be an exciting past event for many players in America. As a result, many players are still getting used to the scratch card terms hence the reason for this guide. This is a lottery game where US players are expected to scratch off a layer of latex, paint or plastic on a card in order to disclose the hidden information under the panel. The player will then need to check if the secret code or information matches with that of the winning scratch cards terms usa

If they match, it’s no doubt that they are the lucky champ. Because the game has been rapidly growing in the United States, our expert team of players decided to create this guide for all the scratch card fanatics in the USA. If you are a lover of the game and you aren’t aware of the terminology used when playing at the best USA online casinos, then you are at the right destination. Read on below and learn more about the scratch card terms used in America.

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Online Scratch Tickets

These are internet versions of the standard lottery scratch cards. The main difference is that online scratch tickets can only be played on the internet by selecting particular areas to reveal the hidden information so as to determine the prize value.

Web-based Scratch Cards

These are the most popular of the scratch cards family. The concept with these ones is that US gamblers can play directly on the website without having to download any apps either on their mobile or desktop device.

Scratch Panel

The scratch panel is the designated section found on the scratch ticket that is normally coated with latex and is then scratched off to show the information underneath. That’s the most vital part when it comes to scratch card games.


This is known as the action of unveiling the scratch-panel. When it comes to the online gaming version of the scratch cards, the scratching action is done by the keyboard or by moving the mouse. In some cases, it is triggered automatically.

Pay Table

Every scratch card has a set of winnings that are related to the payout amount. This is also known as a promotion that requires the American gamblers to have specific multipliers given to them as awards (this mostly happens on online scratch cards). When it comes to lotteries, when a player has to unveil specific patterns of numbers, codes or symbols to qualify for a payout, the pay table will then be studied so as to determine a win.

usa scratch card terms


Also referred to as chips, ticket cost, ticket price or bet. In scratch cards, a wager is used to represent the price of a card. In online scratch card games, players can obtain the chips by clicking on the various options of prices. However, traditional scratch card games often have a fixed price.

Scratch Card Odds

The standard procedure when it comes to most scratch card promotions is that many of the scratch cards will come with the buyer or player’s odds of winning printed on the card. This is to help the player be aware of what they will be getting themselves into and if need be, take the big risk to increase their chances of winning. In most cases, scratch cards are usually the ratio of the number of winning cards from the overall number of the printed scratch cards. This is often characterized by ‘one in x’, 1/x or x%. In such a scenario, x will be representing a fixed number.

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